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Puzzle typesPuzzle collectionsPuzzle authors
Sudoku Easy and nice Richard
Slither link Average and nice Luigi
ABC-tje Difficult and nice berni
Pentomino puzzles Often solved and nice
Mystery puzzles

10-in-9 (Variant) 159 (Variant) ABC Box ABCtje Achtelwenden Akari Anglers Anti-Diagonal (Variant) Anti-Factor Lines (Variant) Anti-Knight (Variant) Anti-Queen (Variant) Aquarium Arrows Arrows (Variant) Battlefield (Variant) Battleships Between (Variant) Binairo (Variant) Brick Wall Broken 159 (Variant) Candles Castle Wall Cave Chaos Construction (Variant) Clone (Variant) Compass (Variant) Congruence Loop Consecutive (Variant) Consecutive Pairs (Variant) Coral Country Road Diagonal (Variant) Difference (Variant) Disjoint Groups (Variant) Domino Search Dots (Theme) Double Trouble (Variant) Earthquake (Variant) Easy as ABC Entropy (Theme) Even/Odd (Variant) Extra Regions (Variant) Fillomino Fortress (Variant) Friendly (Variant) Galaxies German Whispers (Variant) Greater Than (Variant) Hakyuu Hashiwokakero Heyawake Hitori Irregular (Variant) Japanese Sums Kakuro Killer (Variant) Knight Move (Theme) Kropki Kropki Pairs (Variant) Kuromasu Laser Letter Puzzle LITS Little Killer (Variant) Lockout Lines (Variant) Logical Magic Labyrinth Magic Square Magnets Masterword Masyu Mathrax Maximum (Variant) Minesweeper MinMax (Variant) Non-Consecutive (Variant) Non-Touching (Variant) Nonogram Norinori Number Link Nurikabe Palindrome (Variant) Parity (Theme) Parity Party (Variant) Pentominous Pentopia Position Sums (Variant) Primes (Theme) Product (Theme) Pyramid Quadruple (Variant) Railroads Ratio (Variant) Ratio Pairs (Variant) Region Sum Lines (Variant) Regional Sums Renban (Variant) Roller Coaster Roman Sums Samurai (Variant) Sandwich (Variant) Shakashaka Shikaku Shimaguni Skyscraper Clusters Skyscrapers Slingshot (Variant) Slitherlink Smashed Sums Snake Snake (Variant) Star Battle Sudoku Suguru Tapa Tents Thermo (Variant) Thermometers Umbrellas Underground Urnenrätsel Variables Tapasyu Windoku (Variant) X-Sums (Variant) XV (Variant) XV Pairs (Variant) XY-Differences (Variant) Yajilin Yin and Yang

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The easiest puzzles

unsolvedPlacement Puzzle 1
by karencarpenter (on 26. December 2021, 14:42)
53 %
unsolvedWebsuki (1)
by jogerth (on 2. November 2021, 18:35)
61 %
unsolvedKnickwege invers für Anfänger (1) mit Lösungshinweisen
by hopppe (on 17. March 2010, 15:00)
47 %
unsolvedOddmometer #1 (4x4)
by Euphoric Colors (on 25. March 2022, 03:39)
64 %
unsolvedUnique Dominoes (4x4)
by hexadoodle (on 17. May 2021, 04:20)
72 %

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The most beautiful puzzles

unsolvedRundweg Family Photo
by pokerke (on 14. February 2011, 00:57)
100 %
by tuace (on 13. April 2015, 00:47)
100 %
unsolvedWichtel 2016 (2): Erfahrener Höhlenforscher gesucht
by wichtel (on 20. April 2017, 11:02)
100 %
unsolvedJapanische Höhle mit Irrwisch von den Außerirdischen (2)
by ibag (on 20. April 2018, 00:00)
100 %
unsolvedAdventsportale, Teil 4
by pirx (on 23. December 2018, 12:00)
100 %

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The newest puzzles

by Migu (yesterday, 23:59)
by EricRathbun (yesterday, 23:50)
newThree and Consecutive
by Nai Night (yesterday, 22:00)
newGlyphs #4
by damasosos92 (yesterday, 20:42)
newRule of Thirds
by amberdot (yesterday, 20:24)

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New commentsLast solved

Chaos Construction: Pathfinder (9x9) (today, 00:06 by BloodbuzzCorio)
KNT thanks for this exceptional puzzle. I particularly enjoyed (and was...

MP (Region Sum Lines Fillomino) (yesterday, 23:44 by Christounet)
What a gift ! Great construction with head scratching moments, leading to very...

Beautiful Day (yesterday, 23:39 by heliosfant)
So cool. Thank you for the puzzle

Tag 01 - Akari (yesterday, 23:23 by TJReds)
penpa: https://tinyurl.com/2n94yjr3

CLAVDIA CVM CEREO CIRCVLAT. (yesterday, 23:15 by Ragna)
What a gorgeous FOW puzzle!
With a clear - non foggy - ruleset.
Thank you for...

CLAVDIA CVM CEREO CIRCVLAT. (yesterday, 22:33 by Wonderment)
Stunning puzzle. That is what fog of war is made for.

Lattice (yesterday, 22:29 by ademjaz)
Amazing puzzle! I broke it when I tried it at first but then I said well I will...

Kakuro-Suguru Chaos Construction (yesterday, 22:26 by Christounet)
Never had done a kakuro puzzle before. Looks like a numerical crossword. Very...

Japanese Sum Cave Cipher #10: Caesar Cipher (shift ±1) (yesterday, 22:03 by ibag)
Sehr schön!

Owl (Numbered rooms+Parity lines Sudoku) (yesterday, 21:29 by Bellsita)
One of my favorite puzzles! I just love this series so much! ♡

today, 00:13
Breakeven (Yin Yang Parity Sudoku) by Felis_Timon

today, 00:12
Lattice by juventino188

today, 00:11
Uncircled Arrows by Nordy

today, 00:09
Prime-Co Sweepers by lfm

today, 00:09
Three and Consecutive by mutex

today, 00:08
Odd Kropki Evening (Takuzu/Binairo Sudoku) by Nairi

today, 00:06
Infiltration by metacom

today, 00:05
Roman Whispers by Odinvi00

today, 00:02
Gambit by Carolin

today, 00:02
Elevators Farm by ocular

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