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Puzzle typesPuzzle collectionsPuzzle authors
Sudoku Easy and nice Richard
Slither link Average and nice Luigi
ABC-tje Difficult and nice berni
Pentomino puzzles Often solved and nice
Mystery puzzles

3d Abctje Arithmetics As easy as Battleships Beginner Big Buchstabenrätsel Close of the mark Coloring Coral Crypto Divided Dividing Domino Doppelblock English Fences Filling Fillomino Generated with computer German Hashiwokakero Hexagonal Heyawake Hint Hitori Hochhausblöcke Höhle Inseln Japanese sums Kakuro Kerzen Killersudoku Knowledge Kombination Kropki LITS Laser Logelei - Logical Magic spiral Magnets Masterword Masyu Math Mehrdeutig Meta Minesweeper Mystery New type Nonogramms Paths Pentomino Placing Pyramidpuzzle Secret code Sequence Skyscrapers Small Snake Standard puzzle Starbattle Stations Subway Sudoku Tapa Team Tents Toroidial Variables Tapasyu Variant With help of a computer Yajilin Yin-Yang word puzzle 2358

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The easiest puzzles

unsolvedXikaku für Anfänger
by hopppe (on 14. May 2010, 11:00)
62 %
unsolved5 kleine Masyus (1)
by JonaS2010 (on 4. September 2018, 21:54)
76 %
unsolvedKiller Sudoku II (WSC 2019 Leftovers)
by Realshaggy (on 12. October 2019, 00:03)
78 %
unsolvedZehnkampf-Weitsprung-Überbleibsel: Dominosuche
by berni (on 25. November 2016, 20:30)
75 %
unsolvedMehrdeutige Rätsel - Dominosuche A
by lupo (on 1. April 2017, 14:14)
65 %

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The most beautiful puzzles

unsolvedRundweg Family Photo
by pokerke (on 14. February 2011, 00:57)
100 %
by tuace (on 13. April 2015, 00:47)
100 %
unsolvedNeue Post vom Außerirdischen
by ibag (on 6. September 2015, 00:00)
100 %
unsolvedWichtel 2016 (2): Erfahrener Höhlenforscher gesucht
by wichtel (on 20. April 2017, 11:02)
100 %
unsolvedAdventsportale, Teil 4
by pirx (on 23. December 2018, 12:00)
100 %

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The newest puzzles

newEntwined Sandwiches Sudoku
by matt383 (today, 17:25)
newPalindrome sudoku
by SirWoezel (today, 16:50)
newKiller Sudoku - XXL cages
by Phistomefel (today, 10:26)
98 %
newQuarantine Treasure Hunt - Day 2
by Strosahl (today, 06:53)
newQuarantine Treasure Hunt - Day 1
by Strosahl (yesterday, 07:20)
83 %

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New commentsLast solved

Quarantine Treasure Hunt - Day 1 (today, 18:17 by Rollo)
No, it was the right idea. One more step for your first part.

Entwined Sandwiches Sudoku (today, 18:17 by ManuH)
Thanks, I had fun! :)

Quarantine Treasure Hunt - Day 1 (today, 17:33 by Joe Average)
there's no trial and error needed. You'll defintely know when...

Quarantine Treasure Hunt - Day 1 (today, 16:22 by Rollo)
@Circleconstant314: one step more in the same direction

Quarantine Treasure Hunt - Day 1 (today, 16:18 by Strosahl)
@Circleconstant314 You can do it! You're on the right track. :)

Killer Sudoku - XXL cages (today, 14:08 by Statistica)
Very nice one. Thanks.

Anti-sudoku puzzle #3 (today, 12:36 by pin7guin)
Komisches Gefühl, so gegen die "normalen" Regeln zu lösen...

Little Thermo Killer (today, 12:26 by pin7guin)
Klasse gemacht - knifflig bis zum Schluss!

Quarantine Treasure Hunt - Day 1 (today, 12:01 by Joe Average)
Don't give up, you are so close. Take another look at the map and...

Quarantine Treasure Hunt - Day 1 (today, 10:46 by CHalb)
A treasure hunt potentially all around the world, that's fun! And an...

today, 18:36
Killer Sudoku - XXL cages by skywalker

today, 18:36
Killer Sudoku by Rollie

today, 18:33
Killer Sudoku - XXL cages by jessica6

today, 18:29
Quarantine Treasure Hunt - Day 1 by Circleconstant314

today, 18:19
Chained Killer Sudoku by Uhu

today, 18:17
Entwined Sandwiches Sudoku by ManuH

today, 18:07
Adjacent products sudoku #2 by AnnaTh

today, 17:46
Killer Sudoku - XXL cages by Ragna

today, 17:42
Koralle (3) by cornuto

today, 17:40
Quarantine Treasure Hunt - Day 1 by skywalker

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