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Puzzle typesPuzzle collectionsPuzzle authors
Sudoku Easy and nice Richard
Slither link Average and nice Luigi
ABC-tje Difficult and nice berni
Pentomino puzzles Often solved and nice
Mystery puzzles

10-in-9 (Variant) ABC Box ABCtje Achtelwenden Akari Anglers Anti-Knight (Variant) Anti-Queen (Variant) Aquarium Arrows Arrows (Variant) Battlefield (Variant) Battleships Between (Variant) Brick Wall Candles Capsules Castle Wall Cave Chaos Construction (Variant) Clone (Variant) Compass (Variant) Consecutive (Variant) Coral Country Road Diagonal (Variant) Difference (Variant) Disjoint Groups (Variant) Domino Search Dots (Theme) Easy as ABC Even/Odd (Variant) Fillomino Galaxies German Whispers (Variant) Hakyuu Hashiwokakero Heyawake Hitori Irregular (Variant) Japanese Sums Kakuro Killer (Variant) Knight Move (Theme) Kropki Kuromasu Laser Letter Puzzle LITS Little Killer (Variant) Logical Magic Labyrinth Magic Square Magnets Masterword Masyu Minesweeper Non-Consecutive (Variant) Non-Touching (Variant) Nonogram Norinori Number Link Nurikabe Palindrome (Variant) Parity (Theme) Parity Party (Variant) Pentopia Position Sums (Variant) Primes (Theme) Product (Theme) Pyramid Quadruple (Variant) Railroads Renban (Variant) Roller Coaster Sandwich (Variant) Shakashaka Shikaku Skyscraper Clusters Skyscrapers Slingshot (Variant) Slitherlink Smashed Sums Snake Star Battle Sudoku Tapa Tents Thermo (Variant) Umbrellas Underground Variables Tapasyu Windoku (Variant) X-Sums (Variant) XV (Variant) Yajilin Yin and Yang

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The easiest puzzles

unsolvedLuck-Based Sudoku?
by Geoteve (on 29. May 2021, 09:55)
74 %
unsolvedUnique Dominoes (4x4)
by hexadoodle (on 17. May 2021, 04:20)
68 %
by CJK (on 28. June 2021, 19:33)
67 %
unsolvedXikaku für Anfänger
by hopppe (on 14. May 2010, 11:00)
59 %
unsolvedBatterie (CHalbvoll)
by niruaL (on 27. July 2021, 05:55)
71 %

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The most beautiful puzzles

unsolvedRundweg Family Photo
by pokerke (on 14. February 2011, 00:57)
100 %
by tuace (on 13. April 2015, 00:47)
100 %
unsolvedNeue Post vom Außerirdischen
by ibag (on 6. September 2015, 00:00)
100 %
unsolvedWichtel 2016 (2): Erfahrener Höhlenforscher gesucht
by wichtel (on 20. April 2017, 11:02)
100 %
unsolvedAdventsportale, Teil 4
by pirx (on 23. December 2018, 12:00)
100 %

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The newest puzzles

newCaged Mozart
by Chilly (today, 01:13)
newIntersections Sudoku #2 (6x6)
by RockyRoer (today, 00:21)
newSudoku Variants Series (332) - Teleportation Cycle Sums Sudoku
by Richard (today, 00:00)
by zetamath (yesterday, 20:31)
by pleasant_setting (yesterday, 20:31)

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New commentsLast solved

Sudoku Variants Series (332) - Teleportation Cycle Sums Sudoku (today, 00:26 by henrypijames)
Penpa+: https://git.io/JRe3E (corrected)

Killer Sudoku X (today, 00:22 by kerirofl)
Took me 1h53m but I solved it ^^

--Thank you!

Renban Sandwich Sudoku (yesterday, 23:47 by zhergan)
@Luigi: I'm glad that you liked the puzzle. I also want to thank all solvers...

Primes (yesterday, 22:44 by Vebby)
Very nice! I reiterate @twototenth's comment :)

Did someone say Mondrian? (yesterday, 22:32 by Chilly)
Vielen dank!! Those Dwarves know a thing or two ;)

Irregular Primes (yesterday, 22:32 by 10feet)
I really liked this rule set.

Potpourri (yesterday, 22:10 by ___)
i enjoyed this a lot. did not spend too long at any one point looking for the...

Uncertain Sudoku #10 - Search Nine or Point to Next (yesterday, 21:49 by Vebby)
Thoroughly enjoyed the series, thank you Feadoor! :)

Killer Sudoku X (yesterday, 20:59 by DiMono)
Wonderful puzzle, I enjoyed it a lot.

--Thank you! :)

Killer Sudoku X (yesterday, 20:53 by Lakritze)
Beautiful how everything unfolds so elegant!

--Thank you so much!

today, 01:52
Tetris Clones (Sudoku) by Asparrygus

today, 01:52
Hidden Clones Sudoku 5 by ParaNox

today, 01:51
Intersections Sudoku #2 (6x6) by OhHeyGuysItsMax

today, 01:42
Constrained Arrows by CyberMonkey

today, 01:37
Primes are too cool to be constrained by Ragna

today, 01:36
Forwards & Backwards by OhHeyGuysItsMax

today, 01:33
Non-Consecutive Arrow Sudoku by LeLoyJenkins

today, 01:30
Sudoku Variants Series (332) - Teleportation Cycle Sums Sudoku by Senior

today, 01:29
IMO 2009 - Sudokuralley, (0) Sudoku by Tompat

today, 01:22
Broken Thermo Sudoku by timp1343

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