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Quarantine Treasure Hunt - Day 5

(Eingestellt am 10. April 2020, 07:11 Uhr von Strosahl)

The 5th and final part of the hunt. No need for what3words this time. The solution code is the location hinted at by the puzzle, and the shape of the hole.

Part 1 - 0003BJ
Part 2 - 0003BL
Part 3 - 0003BR
Part 4 - 0003BU

Lösungscode: Location and the shape of the hole

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am 25. Mai 2020, 11:13 Uhr von Madmahogany
Brilliant series! Had a lot of fun with it!

am 7. Mai 2020, 17:56 Uhr von Strosahl
@dboy Sounds like you're looking in the wrong place. Remember that you used the Bill of Rights on a previous clue.

am 19. April 2020, 02:23 Uhr von byronigoe
What a great series! Thanks so much!

am 17. April 2020, 17:01 Uhr von Strosahl
@walla Glad you made it!

am 15. April 2020, 07:18 Uhr von dsfifty
A super fun challenge. Thanks! The Bill of Rights sure stumped me.

am 10. April 2020, 20:33 Uhr von Strosahl
To clarify, it will end up being 3 words. The first two words are the location, and the last word is the shape of the hole.

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