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Quarantine Treasure Hunt - Day 1

(Eingestellt am 6. April 2020, 07:20 Uhr von Strosahl)

I'll be posting a series of puzzles every weekday starting April 6th. The solutions will lead to a location (using what3words.com) that will contain a piece of the final puzzle which will in turn lead to the (imaginary) treasure's location.

They will be of varying degrees of difficulty, but I don't intend to make them too hard, as I'm targeting a wider audience than just this site. I'm hoping they will be a fun way to kill time while everyone is stuck at home.

Here is the puzzle for Monday, April 6:
(Tip: you will need to use satellite view on what3words. For help using what3words go here: https://what3words.com/how-to/)

Part 2 - 0003BL
Part 3 - 0003BR
Part 4 - 0003BU
Part 5 - 0003BY

Lösungscode: Enter the piece of the puzzle that you find on what3words.

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am 11. Mai 2020, 20:06 Uhr von Joe Average
same hint that I gave to ch1983 on April 7th. You are not only close, you are right there. Just check again, and only enter the part that is exactly in the cell.

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am 15. April 2020, 01:17 Uhr von Joe Average
indeed, this treasure hunt doesn't consist solely of logical puzzles. Some of the puzzles are mystery, in which you need to find out for yourself what you are supposed to do, and others require a certain level of English Knowledge, as there are some secific phrases used. For example, you might want to google the term "baker's dozen".

regarding your findings:
#1 no; obviously
#2 no; that's not even a word (each part of the puzzle will give you one actual word)
#3 yes, correct

am 13. April 2020, 19:58 Uhr von walla
Have heard about Logic Masters through Cracking the Cryptic previously. Registered today and solved this via Strosahl's YT comment on the CTC puzzle hunt solve. Very nice.

am 8. April 2020, 20:21 Uhr von Joe Average
no that's not it. You need to figure out what to put in the boxes with the questionmarks, … and you're still missing part of the left puzzle.

am 8. April 2020, 18:23 Uhr von Circleconstant314
@Dandelo: Yes, yes you are. Keep it up!

am 8. April 2020, 14:52 Uhr von Joe Average
when you have the correct words/location, you'll see something else than random landscape. You'll definitely know you found it when you see it.

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am 8. April 2020, 14:45 Uhr von Circleconstant314
@marcmees: What are your three words? I can tell you how many you've correctly solved, but that's about all I can tell you.

am 7. April 2020, 23:23 Uhr von marcmees
@Bob. Same feeling. Other enigma.

am 7. April 2020, 23:05 Uhr von bob
"varying degrees of difficulty" indeed--the main problem with mystery puzzles is they are easy if you "get" it and utterly impossible if you don't, with no sense of progression. Some thing with those sequence puzzles that pop up occasionally. After a couple of days, still no idea what to do with the letter pyramid.

Zuletzt geändert am 7. April 2020, 18:25 Uhr

am 7. April 2020, 18:17 Uhr von Rollo
No, it was the right idea. One more step for your first part.

Zuletzt geändert am 7. April 2020, 17:34 Uhr

am 7. April 2020, 17:33 Uhr von Joe Average
there's no trial and error needed. You'll defintely know when you have the correct words, it's your typical "Aha!" moment when you figure out the one that you're still missing.
In your attempt to get there, you have divided a clue and looked at its seperate parts and what they could possibly stand for. Keep doing that.

am 7. April 2020, 16:22 Uhr von Rollo
@Circleconstant314: one step more in the same direction

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am 7. April 2020, 16:18 Uhr von Strosahl
@Circleconstant314 You can do it! You're on the right track. :)

am 7. April 2020, 12:01 Uhr von Joe Average
Don't give up, you are so close. Take another look at the map and check what's exactly in that cell!

am 7. April 2020, 10:46 Uhr von CHalb
A treasure hunt potentially all around the world, that's fun! And an opportunity to learn some new words and facts. Thank's a lot!

am 6. April 2020, 17:52 Uhr von Strosahl
I think they are all well known. They are certainly not obscure movies, but I can't say for sure if you will know them, of course.

am 6. April 2020, 16:04 Uhr von Strosahl
Added a link to instructions for how to use what3words site

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am 6. April 2020, 12:27 Uhr von Joe Average
upper half/center of the screen, there's a magnifying glass with an empty field
Type in the three words, separated by dots.
(Still missing the first word myself)

am 6. April 2020, 11:22 Uhr von CHalb
I do not find the right place on what3words.com where I might enter the three words. Can you please give me a hint, maybe an URL? And: No, I haven't found three plausible solutions yet :-).

am 6. April 2020, 09:35 Uhr von Rollo
Eigentlich möchte ich hier gar keine Werbung sehen :-(.

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