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Quarantine Treasure Hunt - Day 4

(Eingestellt am 9. April 2020, 07:41 Uhr von Strosahl)

I'm posting a series of puzzles every day this week. The solutions will lead to a location (using what3words.com) that will contain a piece of the final puzzle which will in turn lead to the (imaginary) treasure's location. I'm hoping they will be a fun way to kill time while everyone is stuck at home.

Here is the puzzle for Thursday, April 9: (Tip: you will need to use satellite view on what3words. For help using what3words go here: https://what3words.com/how-to/)

Part 1 - 0003BJ
Part 2 - 0003BL
Part 3 - 0003BR
Part 5 - 0003BY

Lösungscode: Enter the piece of the puzzle that you find on what3words.

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am 14. April 2020, 20:18 Uhr von Strosahl
@walla Think about how that 4-digit number could be used with the compass to find a word. Remember that a compass is designed to help you know what direction to go...

am 14. April 2020, 19:04 Uhr von walla
I'm fairly sure I have the 4-digit number for word 2, but she's not talking. Tried merging with the rose, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, good cop, bad cop :)

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