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The Best-Kept Secret

(Eingestellt am 16. Mai 2024, 02:05 Uhr von ViKingPrime)



Normal Sudoku rules apply.

Arrow: The value of cells along an arrow must sum to the value in its originating circle.
Killer: The value of cells within a cage must sum to the number in the top-left corner.
Kropki: White dots separate two cells of consecutive value; Black dots separate two cells where one is double the value of the other [1:2].
Odd/Even: Cells with a shaded Circle must have an odd value; cells with a shaded Square must have an even value.
X/V: The values of cells connected by an X sum to 10; cells connected by a V sum to 5.


Fog-of-War: The grid is partially covered in fog; placing correct digits will clear the fog from the surrounding area.

Doubler: There are 9 Doubler cells contained within the grid comprised of a set of the digits from 1-to-9. Each row, column and box contains exactly one Doubler cell. Doublers contribute twice the value of the digit in that cell.


I only share the secret with my very favourite people and if you've landed on this page, you're definitely one of them.

...and for future solvers, yes that part is intentional. You can do it! Have faith.

Here are some puzzles from other setters using the same constraint:
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"Doubler Dash" by thoughtbyte

Have fun!

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Lösungscode: The digits along Row 1, left-to-right.

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am 21. Mai 2024, 06:20 Uhr von silent_rob
Thanks for the excellent puzzle! I found it challenging but I always felt like I was making progress. Satisfying and fun!

am 20. Mai 2024, 17:17 Uhr von Abdul the Killer
Fun and full of humour. The secret is nice and perfectly formed.

am 20. Mai 2024, 09:29 Uhr von CcmarvMD
Beautiful puzzle, loved the logic, felt like a 3 star to me but maybe I just can't do doublers

am 19. Mai 2024, 22:35 Uhr von Virux
Superb! Thank you!

am 19. Mai 2024, 20:41 Uhr von Christounet
Very nice and funny puzzle ! Had a good time solving it with my oldest kid. Thanks :)

am 18. Mai 2024, 15:59 Uhr von Steven666v2
I found that a good challenge throughout. Got a bit stuck in the middle but took a beak then solved it logically straight after. Liked it.

am 17. Mai 2024, 00:47 Uhr von wuc
Cool puzzle. Fun combi. Good idea to add the bottom number row for notes. Didnt get that initially. Great setting thx.

am 16. Mai 2024, 22:38 Uhr von ThePedallingPianist
I love the concept of fogging over the box totals! Classic VKP humour, and a beautifully smooth and approachable solve path!

am 16. Mai 2024, 19:18 Uhr von samuelsamjo
thank you so much for making it approachable. That was very fun and challenging for me.

am 16. Mai 2024, 14:58 Uhr von horseradish1
This was my first doubler puzzle, and it's fantastic! I actually didn't have a problem reading the box 2 cage total behind the white circle. The break in logic was really fun.

am 16. Mai 2024, 11:48 Uhr von 9Rookienumbers
Thanks for the puzzle! Incredibly smooth

am 16. Mai 2024, 07:55 Uhr von ViKingPrime
Added clarification to the introduction

am 16. Mai 2024, 02:27 Uhr von vitaminz
Classic VKP - some clever interactions, incredible cheek, and a consistent and smooth path. Well done as always.

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