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Born In The USA

(Eingestellt am 17. April 2024, 19:45 Uhr von olliwright)

This puzzle has been inspired by the cover of the Bruce Springsteen album Born In The USA, which depicts Mr Springsteen, dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt, looking at the American flag. This is my most recent source material to date, at a mere 40 years old.

Normal sudoku rules apply. Place the digits 1-9 once each in every row, column and 3x3 box.

  • Digits in cages sum to the number in the top-left corner of the cage and must not repeat.
  • Adjacent digits along a red line must alternate in parity (odd/even).
  • Digits along a purple line can be arranged into a consecutive sequence of non-repeating digits, but may appear in any order.
  • Digits along a thick grey line increase from the bulb to the tip.
  • Digits on a blue line must have the same total for each region the line enters. There are two non-branching blue lines in the grid. Different lines may have different totals.
  • Digits separated by a white dot have a difference of one. Not all dots are given.

The puzzle is available online via Sudokupad

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Lösungscode: Row 9 from left to right (9 digits)

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am 19. April 2024, 12:38 Uhr von kporadzinski
Really nice puzzle. Fanastic, and very creative construction. It was great plasure for me to solve it.

am 18. April 2024, 17:05 Uhr von 9Rookienumbers
Challenging all the way til the end, super fun!

am 18. April 2024, 07:43 Uhr von VitP
hiring man says "son, if it was up to me ..."

am 17. April 2024, 23:19 Uhr von Flinty
Very nice Olli.... I'm sure Ratfinkz would approve.

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