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Apparently some part of my brain likes combining as many variants into the same clue as possible, resulting in odd-kropki-masyu-sweeper circles.
I hope you enjoy solving it!

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Merry Christmas!
Loopin' around, the masyu tree...


Normal sudoku rules apply.
Digits in circles are odd and in squares are even.

Draw a loop in the grid moving orthogonally from cell center to cell center without crossing itself, such that it visits all circles and no squares, and the digit in each shape equals the number of cells visited by the loop out of the (up to) 9 cells centered on that shape.

Circles act as either black or white Kropki/Masyu clues, which is which is to be deduced.
In black circles the loop turns and goes straight through the cell before and after, and the digits along the loop before and after a black circle are in a 1:2 ratio.
The loop goes straight through white circles and turns in the cell before or after, and the digits along the loop before and after a white circle are consecutive.

Play here on CTC or Play here on Penpa.

Have fun!

Lösungscode: Row 1, column 2

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am 12. Februar 2024, 04:55 Uhr von purpl
That was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the kropki rules and how it interacted with the sweeper type thing. Just the right combination of rules.

--Thank you!

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am 22. Januar 2024, 14:52 Uhr von Zuzurp
I enjoyed this puzzle, but I would have probably found it a bit easier if I hadn't forgotten a part of one of the rules

--Thanks! Yeah, remembering the rules usually makes puzzles easier ;)

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