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Continuous Zippers

(Eingestellt am 25. Dezember 2023, 17:00 Uhr von ViKingPrime)



Normal Sudoku rules apply.

Parity (red): Digits along a Parity line alternate parity [odd/even].
Renban (pink): Digits along a Renban line form a set of consecutive, non-repeating digits.


Zippermania: Each line also acts as a Zipper line, wherein digits an equal distance from the center must sum to the digit in the middle of that line.


It's quite interesting how different lines behave when they're forced to also function as Zippers. The previous entry was a bit more of a challenge than this, I expect; regardless, I'd like to test some more options and then throw these constraints together, to see what shakes out.

Have fun! (and Happy Holidays!)

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The Zippermania Series


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Lösungscode: The digits along Column 2, top-to-bottom.

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am 31. Januar 2024, 14:17 Uhr von ThePedallingPianist
A lovely, simple idea that acts as a perfect introduction to these line constraints, though I did get stuck on the normal sudoku at the end for an embarrassingly long time! Thank you for a delightful puzzle once again :)

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am 28. Dezember 2023, 00:29 Uhr von marty_sears
Lovely stuff! A nice minimal starting grid that is very surprisingly enough to lead to a unique solution. Although in theory it's quite a straightforward and easy puzzle, I made it! Was very satisfying and smooth once I stopped making mistakes haha

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