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Normal Sudoku rules apply.

German Whisper (green): Green dots separate two cells that differ by at least five [5].
Kropki: White dots separate two cells containing consecutive digits [=1]; Black dots separate two cells where one is double the other [1:2].
Nabner (brown): Brown dots separate two cells containing digits of non-adjacent value [2+].
Parity (red): Red dots separate two cells containing opposite parity [odd/even].

Different Difference (peach): Peach dots (an "S.Marty" dot!) separate digits of different differences (across all peach dots).
Same Difference (turquoise): Turquoise dots separate digits of the same difference (across all turquoise dots), to be deduced by the solver.


For those of you who may be growing a little weary of the abundance of line puzzles, I hope this provides some brief respite. The logic should all be fairly recognizable, though if you don't recognize the "Different Difference" and "Same Difference" dots, you should do yourself a favour and check out some Marty Sears puzzles.

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The Smartypants Series

Lösungscode: The digits along Row 3, left-to-right.

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am 4. Dezember 2023, 08:49 Uhr von tiggytaka
Great puzzle, love how the dots were familiar but new all at the same time. Thanks for setting!

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am 3. Dezember 2023, 18:05 Uhr von ChristmasTapir
Just to clarify - solution code is Row 3 counted from the bottom (6th from the top)
@ChristmasTapir - It was recommended I flip the grid vertically (for reasons that will become clear during the solve), you would have started before that process, I suspect. I hope it didn't detract from the solve <3 (the solution should still have been valid in the app). For future solvers, if you're having trouble entering Row 3, try Row 7 instead -- VKP

am 3. Dezember 2023, 12:03 Uhr von ViKingPrime
Updated wording(s).

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am 3. Dezember 2023, 08:04 Uhr von by81996672
Throughout the entire puzzle process, I had a different understanding of the rules for the peach dots, which caused me to get stuck for a long time, possibly due to translation issues. I thought the meaning was that only the peach dots in that box had different differences, but when I made it later, the actual meaning was that all the peach dots had different differences.
@by81996672 - My apologies for the confusion; I've updated the wording to hopefully make it a bit more clear. Thanks for the solve <3 -- VKP

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