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Normal Sudoku rules apply.

Renban (pink): Digits along each Renban line form a set of consecutive, non-repeating digits in any order.
Nabner (purple): Digits along each Nabner line form a set of non-consecutive, non-repeating digits in any order (e.g. if a 3 appears on a Nabner line, then 2 and 4 cannot appear).
Tens (gold): Digits along each Tens line consists of one or more contiguous groups of cells, each of which sums to 10. These groups of cells cannot overlap.

Minimum/Maximum: Digits within an Inward Arrow cell must be less than their orthogonal neighbours.
Odd/Even: Digits within a Circle cell are Odd; digits within a Square cell are Even.


Shenanigans!: Each line is one of the above constraint line-types but some are lying to you (i.e. they must satisfy one of the other line-types and not the presented colour). The wrong-coloured lines are exactly those lines which have the digit 'D' on them ('D' must be determined by the solver).


If you're thinking "have I seen this puzzle before?" you're right, or at least partially right. This is a greatly improved version of a previous release, after having received some wonderful insight and advice from other setters. This version should be a lot more accessible.

The Nabner and Tens lines were initially developed by zetamath I believe, though I found them through other setters, with the constraint found in "Shenanigans" by Jay Dyer. I would say go check out their puzzles (which you should!) but they need no introduction from me.

Here are the other entries in the "Shenanigans!" series, for those interested:

Here are some puzzles from other setters using the same constraint:
Shenanigans by Jay Dyer

Have fun!

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Lösungscode: The digits along Row 8, left-to-right, then along Column 5, top-to-bottom. Add an exclamation mark at the end (!) for panache.

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Wonderful puzzle!

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