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  • -Classic sudoku rules apply.
  • -Shikaku-sudoku : The grid is entirely covered with non overlapping rectangles. Each rectangle contains exactly one circle, and the digit in the circle indicates the number of cells in the rectangle. n.b : digits can repeat within a rectangle if allowed by other rules, and a rectangle consisting of a single cell is valid.

example puzzle : Shikaku 101

This puzzle is posted as an approchable introduction to this ruleset, which was initially introduced by Qodec, as I plan to post a few more of higher difficulty.
You're also strongly encouraged to check Qodec's amazing puzzles with this ruleset :

Hope you will enjoy this and become shikaku-sudoku addicts too :)

Lösungscode: row 2 followed by colon 2

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am 31. März 2022, 23:22 Uhr von SHERAX
Finally a puzzle that is semi-easy and still enough of a challenge.

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am 31. März 2022, 18:39 Uhr von SHERAX
Finally a puzzle that is semi-easy and still enough of a challenge.

Glad the difficulty was at an apropriate level for you :). I am affraid my next 2 shikaku-sudokus will be more around 4-5 stars though, but I'll try to post more "challenging 2 stars" stuff as well in the future ^^.

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