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Shikasudoku 2

(Eingestellt am 12. Februar 2022, 12:09 Uhr von Qodec)

This puzzle is a shikaku-sudoku hybrid, which is inspired by Sudokurotto by Phistomefel and Juosan Killer sudoku by udukos.

This is the second 9x9 shikaku-sudoku puzzle I made. The first puzzle can be found over here.

Normal sudoku rules apply. Additionally:

  • Divide the grid into rectangular regions of orthogonally connected cells. Each rectangle contains exactly one circle. A single cell with a circle counts as a 1x1 rectangle.
  • A number in a circle represents how many cells are in the rectangle the circle belongs to.
  • Rectangles cannot overlap.
  • Every cell in the grid is part of a rectangle.
  • Digits may repeat in a rectangle if allowed by other rules.

Here is an example:

You can try it over here on f-puzzles: https://f-puzzles.com/?id=yeuknp9h or Penpa+: https://git.io/JXgfq.

An easier 6x6 puzzle to get familiar with some of the logic is this:

You can try it over here on f-puzzles: https://f-puzzles.com/?id=ygme6y69 or Penpa+ with answer check: https://git.io/JPxw4.

The main puzzle:

You can play this puzzle online using:

Good luck!

Lösungscode: Rows 3 and 7. I.e. the 9 digits in row 3 from left to right, followed by the 9 digits in row 7 from left to right, for example: 123456789123456789

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am 21. Februar 2022, 12:33 Uhr von Hecspeed
A very satisfying solve, even with the latter classical part. An interesting and inspiring variant. Thanks Qodec :)

Zuletzt geändert am 22. März 2022, 00:05 Uhr

am 21. Februar 2022, 04:37 Uhr von Silverstep
I did not expect the given 8 and 7 to do so much work in resolving the Shikaku clues. Thanks for the nice puzzle.

The regular sudoku at the end is not easy. It's not too hard after a lot of hidden pairs and a certain naked single, but it's a little bit harder than a variant puzzle should be.

EDIT: I apologize, I did not realize it was Qodec who made this puzzle. In which case this is the perfect difficulty for a variant puzzle. Please don't make it even harder.

@Silverstep Haha no need to apologize. Tbh I couldn't resist that naked single after I spotted it... the temptation was just too high! I hope next time I'll be stronger. :)

am 13. Februar 2022, 15:07 Uhr von PrimeWeasel
Great fun!

am 12. Februar 2022, 21:57 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
Very enjoyable shikaku logic and the resulting classic is slightly tricky but doesn't require anything harder than scanning for pairs and triples (overall felt like 4 stars difficulty for me). Thanks! :-)

Zuletzt geändert am 12. Februar 2022, 20:24 Uhr

am 12. Februar 2022, 20:19 Uhr von henrypijames
The tiling was challenging and fun. The resulting sudoku, on the other hand, was unreasonably hard for my taste and felt much like a chore. Requring advanced sudoku technique (anything more fancy than bent triple) in a variant sudoku is overkill in my book.

am 12. Februar 2022, 17:34 Uhr von abed hawila
Fascinating puzzle, enjoyed every step of the solve!

Zuletzt geändert am 12. Februar 2022, 19:23 Uhr

am 12. Februar 2022, 17:27 Uhr von henrypijames
Hope I don't find an alternative tiling again. :D

@henrypijames Haha I hope so too! But I guess that if it happens again I'll just have to keep practicing and make a third!

am 12. Februar 2022, 17:22 Uhr von Playmaker6174
Beautiful and fantastic puzzle! So many cool moments in this one and I enjoyed every single one of them :)

am 12. Februar 2022, 17:10 Uhr von Vebby
Superb idea! Greatly enjoyed both Shikasudokus, thanks Qodec! :)

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