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lighthouse prequel

(Eingestellt am 25. August 2021, 22:20 Uhr von bigger)

Standard sudoku rules applies. Fill the grid with numbers from 1 to 5 so no repeated digit in every row, column or region.

Label the position in each region from top left to bottom right with digit 1 to n. top comes first then left.

Small digit in the right corner of the cell indicates its position in its region.

Draw 5 5-cell region. Good luck.

Now all possible digits whose position is its value have been marked with a gray square. All possible digits whose position has a difference of 1 with its value have been marked with its position.

these puzzles were made by Real Smile from China. There are many reasons why I don’t like these, which lead to my next post. I can see why some might like these so I still post it. It’s my idea after all. First reason, difficulty. That’s way too easy. First one took me around 30 seconds. I solve it while I complain it. Then came the next one, well that’s around 5 minutes. However according to my experience, the actual solve time should be half the test time, because of brute force, multiple solution and other stuff.

Second, the execution. Personally, I hate small digit, unfriendly to short-sighted and the continuity of the clues is not that great. Image a killer with given digit. To be fair, that’s his puzzle style. He always goes for the cleanest grid execution. I really don’t care. For me, the continuity of the rules is more important. I want the rule to melt into all the other things, like naming, actual puzzle or tricks. So when I ask him to develop this rule, I also give him the name of this variant. I just don’t want it to be named after some ancient or Taoism, random words(like type good, that translation is killing me.) or chaos construction.

In a word, the feeling of these puzzles is not what I like. Old Miles and borescoper’s puzzle fit more of my taste. Well, I haven’t post an easy puzzle for a long time, so hope you’ll enjoy.

here’s what I found interesting between mine. Let’s see how long can I last.

trainscraper(SirSchmoopy), snake variant, also shows what happened when a skyscraper disappear. I didn’t see that much improvement in this rule, so I think any of the three should feel the same.

crosshatch(jovi_al),easy enough to give it a try. Still wondering if fully colored is possible. Later zetamath also post one with renban. I ‘m just not interested enough to check another one.

duos(Niverio), not my dish, but some might enjoy this one. Classic way to combine different rules.

sandwich cage(Tom1i), not the sandwich cage I knew of, but interesting. It’s more like a between line variant than a killer variant. I mean, ends and between, hmmm.

Chess(CJK), there was a time when chess plays a lot in Sudoku. Thank god this one doesn’t go that far.

chained killer(Shinya),remind me of a puzzle. Just saying, that dot really looks like a zero.

corners(PetLov), I’m wondering, have many pattern can one box have.

Lösungscode: row 3 first one then second one, with 0 as the region border(10+ digit) like 5043201123045, grid border doesn't count.

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am 27. August 2021, 03:13 Uhr von filuta
really very easy (like you announced), but nice relax for me after finishing setting of my last puzzle, which was giving me a pretty hard time, thanks.

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am 25. August 2021, 23:29 Uhr von marcmees
Nice. Thanks. After all, Smile is an anagram of Miles.

Bigger: I did not notice that. That's interesting. I don't know how the name Real smile came from, But it's already in use, so, ok. There's Also another part of his online Avatar name like type good. It's a four character name. Usually I would ask the author what do they want to be called, unless the name is already out somewhere. Miles is the English name Old Miles's son chose to have. That's a good story material. Another fun fact, Miles actually don't like Sudoku or variant, he just don't have the interest. Even when his dad put a variant on the fidge As spring festival decoration, he just can't.

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