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Acheron Cube

(Eingestellt am 23. November 2020, 20:01 Uhr von JivkoJ)

The puzzle was created during my attempt to solve "Kropkiwürfel 3" with minimum head twists.

The board is the surface of a 4x4x4 Acheron cube with some mining tunnels passing through the cube.

There are 16 numbers (1-9 and a-g, where a=10, ..., g = 16) to be placed on the surface of the cube so the numbers on each of the 12 LOOPS and 6 FACES may not repeat.


- WHITE DOTS are put between each neighbour cells with consecutive numbers. All white dots are given.

- BLACK DOTS are put between each neighbour cells with ratio that is a PRIME NUMBER. The numbers on the black dots indicate the ratio between numbers when the ratio is more than 2. All black dots are given.

- GREY CIRCLES are TUNNEL entrances. Tunnels are ORTHOGONAL to their starting faces and connect cells with ratio that is a PRIME NUMBER (Example: connecting opposite cells 3/9, 1/b, 8/g, etc.). Different tunnels may CROSS underground. All tunnels are given.

Solve online (Penpa+):

Minimal Grid (hard), Default Grid (this), and Helper Grid (ugly, useful)

Good luck and have fun :-)

Lösungscode: The two central columns (24 characters)

Example: 123abcdefg78123abcdefg78

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am 29. November 2020, 15:16 Uhr von bob
Hard but logical. Lots of rules and dimensions to keep track of...a good mental exercise.

am 25. November 2020, 00:53 Uhr von panthchesh
Thanks for the puzzle! It was a lot of fun! I would have gotten the answer sooner if I actually READ the instructions carefully (I forgot about the white dots!!)

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