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Exploding Pentomino Sudoku II

(Eingestellt am 19. August 2020, 00:38 Uhr von psams)


Standard Sudoku rules apply.

In addition, the grid is populated with a number of "Exploding Pentominoes." These each represent a sequential set of five different digits, one per box in the cells corresponding to the shape of the pentomino.

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Illustration of Exploding Pentominoes

The five cells of the set defined by each exploding pentomino occupy the same position in each 3x3 box.

Puzzle Series

Lösungscode: row 8, column 3

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am 31. August 2020, 09:39 Uhr von bosjo
Great puzzle, with a very clear and logical solution path!

am 19. August 2020, 02:37 Uhr von psams
added clarification

am 19. August 2020, 01:54 Uhr von zhergan
Very nice entry..

am 19. August 2020, 01:39 Uhr von Greg
Very nice!!

Might be worth putting in the rules the answer to the question I put on the previous puzzle, otherwise it isn't 100% clear that pentominos represent the same cell over each box. :-)

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