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Akari Sudoku 2

(Eingestellt am 13. August 2020, 19:15 Uhr von Ringo)

This is a follow-up to this puzzle, but this time I challenged myself to use only one type of given digits.

Normal sudoku rules apply.

Akari: All white squares need to be illuminated by Akari lights. Light bulbs illuminate all cells in horizontal and vertical lines till a shaded cell or the edge of the grid. Light bulbs cannot illuminate each other.

Liar Numbers: The clues in the white squares are liar numbers, the difference between the given and the number in the final solution is equal to the distance to the closest light that illuminates it, the difference is 0 in a square where a light is placed.

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Lösungscode: Central box in reading order

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am 28. August 2020, 23:23 Uhr von SquaringSquirrel
Lovely puzzle, thanks! Akari + Sudoku logic works well together

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