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A View to a Kill (Perspective Killer Sudoku)

(Eingestellt am 29. Juli 2020, 13:53 Uhr von CannyK9)

Good day! This is a simplification of a variant I posted a few days ago.

The previous puzzle required working out the configuration of the grid before properly using the constraint, which turned out to be harder than I thought and involved a lot of trial and error.

In this puzzle the configuration is given and there's no bifurcation, so you get to have unfettered fun with the new constraint!

1) Normal Sudoku rules apply.

2) Normal killer rules apply, the contents of each cage must sum to the total in the top-left of the cage.

3) Imagine some of the 3x3 zones have risen up out of the grid, so you can also see the cell values on the sides. Raised zones are white, flat zones are grey.

When viewing from all four sides, the completed puzzle must show the numbers 1-9 along each side:

Here's a link to the puzzle on f-puzzles. Happy solving!

Lösungscode: Column 3 and Column 7

Zuletzt geändert am 31. Juli 2020, 10:47 Uhr

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am 26. Mai 2023, 16:35 Uhr von DiMono
f-puzzles link is broken. Here's a new one:


am 31. Juli 2020, 10:47 Uhr von CannyK9
Dropped the difficulty, now I've gotten a bit more used to the grading

am 30. Juli 2020, 09:55 Uhr von Mody
Interessante Idee, und toll, wie die Regeln ineinander gegriffen haben.

am 29. Juli 2020, 18:35 Uhr von CannyK9
Hi 21Yasindayim, sorry about the multiple solutions, did the 7 cage I added to box 3 after posting fix it? I'm not seeing it otherwise, r6c7 shouldn't be a 3!

am 29. Juli 2020, 17:54 Uhr von Greg
No worries. Nice puzzle otherwise, good use of the ruleset to implement some interesting logic.

am 29. Juli 2020, 17:41 Uhr von CannyK9
Thanks very much for spotting that - once upon a time the bottom-left cage was fixed, but it's hard to keep cages in boxes without them giving the game away and it came undone! I should've know it was those cells in box 6, I need a stranger shape~

am 29. Juli 2020, 17:37 Uhr von CannyK9
Added extra cage to remove ambiguity

am 29. Juli 2020, 17:13 Uhr von CannyK9
Curious! It's difficult to change anything without breaking everything, would you be able to tell me the offending cells? I'm glad this was more approachable in any case.

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