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Toroidal Chess Sudoku #5 (Final one) - All Pieces!!

(Eingestellt am 23. Juni 2020, 03:00 Uhr von Rotstein)

-Normal Sudoku rules apply
-Each Digit is a chess piece and have the following restrictions:
-A pawn needs to be diagonally connected to at least one other pawn (i.e. must touch diagonally)
-A pawn in the first row of the grid is promoted, becoming a queen (and, in that cell, only queen restriction apply)
-A knight cannot repeat its digit in cells separated by a knight's move
-A king cannot repeat its digit in cells separated by a king's move
-A queen cannot repeat its digit in cells separated by a queen's move
-A bishop can only appear in dark cells (but can repeat along its diagonals)
-A rook is just a normal sudoku digit
-1 and 2 are pawns
-3 and 4 are knights
-5 and 6 are kings
-7 is a bishop
-8 and 9 are rooks
-All restrictions apply around the grid as if the opposite edges were connected, here are some examples:
-A king in R1C1 would rule out R9C2, R2C9 and R9C9
-A queen in R1C1 would rule out the main diagonal from R1C1 to R9C9 normally and also the diagonal from R9C2 to R2C9
-A pawn in R2C1 and another pawn in R3C9 are considered connected
-A knight in R1C1 would rule out R2C8, R3C9, R8C2, R9C3, R9C8 and R8C9
NOTE: queens are never considered as pawns (i.e. if a pawn is connected to a queen and not connected to another pawn, then the pawn is not connected at all)
NOTE²: Pawn can be connected to the same or different digit (i.e. could be 1-1; 1-2; or 2-2)
-You can try this puzzle in your browser by clicking the link below

This puzzle is inspired by All-Chess-Pieces made by BcVcB

This is probably the last of my toroidal chess puzzles series, hope you guys enjoyed it. If you haven't tried the others, here are the links for them. The first ones are easier than the last ones.

Enjoy the puzzle!!

Lösungscode: Column 6 from top to bottom

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@stefliew Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed :)

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