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Terms of use

Note: The following translation of the terms of use are provided only for your convenience. In case of legal issues the german version has to be used.

Rätselportal and Contest Engine

Every user of the webseite who is logged in may upload single puzzles in the Rätselportal without addressing a contest hereby.

Further using the Contest Engine, contests may be uploaded. Only members of the association without outstanding payment are authorised to do so. These puzzles will be shown on the page "Puzzle contests".

Contests in the contest area may not be an illegal game of luck due to german right.

The uploaded puzzles have to be free of rights from others. This is also true for the puzzles in contests. Especially this applies concerning copyright and trademarks for the used picture files, texts and html code.

The uploaded contents and the used pictures, texts and html-codes have to be directly and indirectly free of violence glorification, rassism, sedition, discrimination, youth endangering contents or other illegal content.

Files are to be uploaded in the formats PDF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, XCF, PS or EPS. If a user wants to use an other format, he has to contact the webteam first.

In case of suspicion of violation of law addressed at the operator of the homepage, the puzzle will be deactivated until the legal status has been finally decided.

A repeated violation of these terms of use will result in an immediate and complete deletion of the user.

Beside this the user is responsible towards others himself for the legal content of the puzzles and the used picture files, texts and html codes.

The copyright and trademarks for objects produced by the user himself remains at the author of the object.

Privacy statement

Besides the data entered at the registration the time of registration as well as the time of your last visit of the site is saved, obeying the TDG and the BDSG. Additionally the ip address of the querying computer is saved.

The datas of the user will be propagated to any other person only in case of legal duty, for example to the law enforcement agency or in case the data propagation is necessary for winding up of an agreement between associoation and user of the homepage, especially in case of technical administration.

Any other propagation of the data needs the explicit acceptance of the user, that can be revoked at any time.

Security note: We try to save the data in a way that third parties will not have any access to them using all technical and organizational possibilities reasonably available. In case of communication via email we cannot guarantee for complete data security and therefore, in case of confidential data, we advise to use the postal way.

Cookies: In all areas of our website we use cookies. This are identifiers, that allow us to supply our services more individual. Cookies will not be used to save personal data. In case you want to be noted about the use of cookies by your browser or to exclude them you should activate the corresponding preferences in your browser.

Statistics: Like usual on web servers, a user statistic is taken. In these log files access to pages, paths, search expressions, browser variations, links and so on are saved. These datas are not personalized, you'll leve only the ip number of your provider.


The association does not guarantee the actuallity, soundness, completeness or quality of the offered informations. Liability claims towards the association which reference to material or imaginary damage, which are due to usage or non-usage of the given informations or the usage of incomplete or wrong informations are strictly excluded, but if there is an intentional or grossly negligent fault of the association.

The assoctiation is not reliabale for damage of every material or imaginary case, which is due to access of third partys that are not allowed to access the homepage, but if there is an intentional or grossly negligent fault of the association.


In case of direct of indirect links to foreign webpages ("hyperlinks"), that are outside of the scope of responsibilty of the association, the association is reliable only in case the board (see § 26 BGB) of the association does know of these contents and is technically and reasonable possible to forestall the usage of the illegal content.

The association declares explcitly, that at the time of putting the link on the page, no illegal content has been reconizable on the linked pages. On the design, content and authorship of that page, the association has no impact, now or in the future. Therefore it distances itself explzitly from all contents of the linked pages, which have been changed after putting the link on the page. This is valid for all links of this homepage as well as all links in forums, and so on that are made by others.

Copyright and Trademarks

The association tries to observe all copyrights and trademarks used in pictures, graphics, audio files, video files and texts and to use pictures, graphics, audio files, video files and texts, that have been created by the association itself.

All trademarks on this homepage unlimitedly regard the trademark laws and the rights of their owners. The duplication or usage of such graphics, audio files, video files or texts in other electronical or printed publications by the users of the Rätselportal without the affirmation of the association is not allowed.

Final statement

In case of disputes between the users of the homepage and the association the law of germany is used.

This are the latest terms of use from 7th of July 2009.