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Little Killer's Riddle

(Eingestellt am 15. Mai 2024, 16:53 Uhr von wuc)

Standard sudoku rules apply: The digits 1 through 9 appear in every row, column, and box.

XV-Dominos: Cells separated by an X must sum to 10. Cells separated by a V must sum to 5. Not all Xs and Vs are necessarily given (no negative constraint).

Little Killers: Clues outside the grid are the sum of the digits along the indicated diagonal. Digits may repeat if allowed by other rules.

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Lösungscode: Row 5 left to right

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Gestern, 16:04 Uhr von watertissue
Fun and chill

Gestern, 00:41 Uhr von sacklunch
Great puzzle! Tough but fun. Felt more like a 2 or 3 star to me. Really enjoyable, thanks!

am 17. Mai 2024, 12:48 Uhr von Something Wellesian
This felt like a 1-star to me, albeit on the hard side. I really enjoyed it though. Managed to find the wrong unique solution based on a miscalculation of the 39 diagonal, and it took me a good while to figure out what the problem was!

am 16. Mai 2024, 22:27 Uhr von sujoyku
Thank you for this fantastic puzzle, wuc! I agree with Karitsu's hidden comment: The puzzle felt a lot harder than 1 star. Thus I have given 3 stars for difficulty. In any case, all the deductions felt very rewarding. Superb setting!

am 16. Mai 2024, 08:07 Uhr von wuc
For a couple of multistep deductions (e.g. the one pointed out by Karitsu) I though it might be a 2 star. At least 1.5 star.

am 16. Mai 2024, 04:01 Uhr von frosto
I'm sure I missed something, I struggled a bit with this one.
still quite enjoyable.

am 16. Mai 2024, 02:16 Uhr von Steven666v2
Probably my favourite 1 star puzzle so far!

am 15. Mai 2024, 23:39 Uhr von Steven666v2
Probably my favourite 1 star puzzle so far!

am 15. Mai 2024, 19:39 Uhr von PinkNickels
Pleasant solve! Thanks for sharing.

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