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Sight Lines Sum (Yin Yang)

(Eingestellt am 15. Mai 2024, 21:00 Uhr von palpot)

Thanks to Scojo for the inspiration for this puzzle! as this puzzle was set for their weekly prompt.


Normal sudoku rules apply. Place the digits 1 to 9 in each Row, Column, and 3X3 box.

Yin and Yang: Shade some cells such that all shaded cells are orthogonally connected and all unshaded cells are orthogonally connected. No 2x2 area may be fully shaded or fully unshaded.

Sight Lines Sum: For each cage, all cells of the same color (shaded or unshaded) that are seen orthogonally from that cage position (including the cage cell) must sum to the small number in the top left corner of the cage. The "other" color blocks vision.

Full sight Lines: Digits in a cell containing a circle indicate how many cells of the same color (shaded or unshaded) are seen orthogonally from that position, including itself. The "other" color blocks vision. All circles are given (negative constraint).

Solve online: SudokuPad

Lösungscode: Row 2 digits from left to right.

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am 16. Mai 2024, 21:39 Uhr von elpadrinoIV
Excellent puzzle!
Thanks for setting

am 16. Mai 2024, 16:54 Uhr von marcmees
very nice. thanks

am 16. Mai 2024, 03:19 Uhr von Tank
Great puzzle 90 minutes of pure fun

am 15. Mai 2024, 23:01 Uhr von sanabas
Good fun. Negative constraint does a lot of heavy lifting.

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