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Link to puzzle: https://sudokupad.app/m415te028n


Example Riddle:

'A pyrotechnic, when coupled,

trims another miter to octuple.'


    1. 'when coupled' suggests two words join together, and 'trims' suggest letters are taken off. 'to octuple' tells that the word is eight letters long.

    2. therefore 'another miter' becomes 'thermite' which is a pyrotechnic. Thermite is the answer to the riddle.

    3. Thermite is heat themed, suggesting the line might be a thermometer. This is confirmed by a 'couple' being a type of thermometer.

    4. This riddle thus would tell us that one of the lines is a thermometer, and is filled with the digits thermi in some order. T and E don't have to be reused, and any could be reused if allowed by the rules of a thermometer.


Types of lines that may appear:

  • Between – the highest and lowest digit on the line must appear at each end.

  • Entropic – every three consecutive cells must contain one low (1/2/3), one medium (4/5/6), and one high (7/8/9) digit.

  • German Whisper – nachbar digits must differ by at least five.

  • Palindrome – digits equidistant from the center must be the same.

  • Parity – no odd digit may neighbour another odd digit on the line, nor an even may an even.

  • Renban – the digits must be consecutive, but may appear in any order.

  • Sum – a value (to be determined) is split into N cumulative parts in each box, where N is the number of cells on the line in that box.

  • Thermometer – digits increase in value from one end


Lösungscode: The Riddler's name (given in the correct confirmation box upon completion).

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