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Hello, Kennet's Dad here. Happy Mother's Day! Watch Mark's solve here.


  • Normal sudoku rules apply.
  • Digits along an arrow sum to the digit in that arrow's circle.
  • On the pink line there must be a set of non-repeating consecutive digits in any order.
  • Adjacent digits on a green line must have a difference of at least five.
  • Any set of three adjacent digits on an orange line must have one digit from each of the following sets: 123, 456, 789.
  • Digits on a red line must have a value between the values of the digits in that line's circles.
  • Box borders divide a blue line into segments with equal sums.
  • Digits joined by an X sum to 10; digits joined by a V sum to 5.
  • Digits joined by a white dot must be consecutive; digits joined by a black dot must be in a 2:1 ratio.
  • Not all Xs, Vs, or dots are necessarily given.

Solve using Sven's Sudokupad

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Lösungscode: row 8 left to right

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am 13. Mai 2024, 12:07 Uhr von Snaques
This is the puzzle all the moms out there deserved. Very nicely done.

I'm curious why you didn't opt for a straight line on the 'A' (R6 C4-6). The logic would remain the same and the letter closer to A.

am 12. Mai 2024, 19:19 Uhr von sarahj
As a beginner this puzzle took me a long time but I enjoyed all the different logic used, very fun!

am 11. Mai 2024, 01:48 Uhr von sacklunch
Lovely puzzle! Happy mother's day to all

am 10. Mai 2024, 19:52 Uhr von SudokuHero
Happy Mother's Day!

am 10. Mai 2024, 15:15 Uhr von PinkNickels
Very fun solve! thanks a lot for setting!

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