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Riffle Shuffle

(Eingestellt am 19. April 2024, 22:52 Uhr von 99%Sneaky)

  • Normal sudoku rules apply.
  • Parity Lines: Digits along lime lines alternate between even and odd.
  • Between Lines: Digits on grey lines connecting white circles must lie between the circled digits numerically.
  • Odd Lots: A digit in a yellow circle indicates how many odd digits appear along the attached between line (including the circled digits at either end).
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Lösungscode: Row 2 followed by Column 8

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am 21. April 2024, 01:09 Uhr von Allagem
I got all of the between lines down to only two possible cases globally and simply could not find the way to disambiguate them. I admit I had to use a single bifurcation to eliminate one option. The rest of the puzzle was fascinating so I assume I just missed some clever insight, would love to know what it was. Highly intriguing puzzle. Loved it even though it defeated me.

Edit - I have been shown what I missed and it was THE EASIEST STEP IN THE PUZZLE. I was so focused on looking for something difficult I failed to notice the obvious. In fact in hindsight, I probably used way more convoluted logic than was intended to even get as far as I did, because the step I missed is available FROM THE START OF THE PUZZLE. This puzzle is brilliant and perfectly fair - I just skipped step 1 :)
Thanks for playing Allagem. I've definitely gone through similar experiences while solving before. Glad to hear you were able to reach the finish line, thanks for the kind words :)

Zuletzt geändert am 20. April 2024, 02:23 Uhr

am 20. April 2024, 02:22 Uhr von Steven R
Neat! Fun puzzle, thanks :)

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