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Dutch Flat Mates (XY-difference)

(Eingestellt am 17. April 2024, 11:30 Uhr von goodcity)

If you are interested in the Dutch Flat Mates serie created by Flinty, you can find the others here.

Normal sudoku rules apply.

  • 5's live in Dutch Flats : All 5's in the grid must have a 1 directly above it or a 9 directly below it. It may have both, but it doesn't need both.
  • XY-difference : Adjacent digits separated by a diamond differ by 'X' where, X is the digit in the first cell of the row/column the diamond occupies. All Diamonds are given.

The puzzle is available online via CTC-App

Hint - Where to look first

You should start by using the negative constraint on XY-difference and the Dutch Flat Mates rule.

Lösungscode: Row 6

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am 15. Mai 2024, 16:58 Uhr von ChinStrap

am 15. Mai 2024, 15:52 Uhr von glum_hippo
These rule sets interact very nicely, but also very precisely.

am 24. April 2024, 20:36 Uhr von sorryimLate
Very nice puzzle! It's great how this series introduces many rarely used rulesets and combines them so cleverly with the flat mates constraint. Thanks!

am 18. April 2024, 09:57 Uhr von marcmees
nice addition to the series. thanks.

am 17. April 2024, 12:43 Uhr von Elliott810
Brilliant puzzle! Thanks:)

am 17. April 2024, 12:09 Uhr von Flinty
Thank you again for joining me on this series. Lovely puzzle. :)

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