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  • Normal sudoku rules apply.
  • Cells in cages must sum to the clue given in the top left corner of the cage. All cages are horizontal or vertical rectangles.
  • Aditionally, each of the killer cages acts as another type of sudoku variant, which must be deduced by its corresponding crossword clue. These variants include: Parity lines, Arrows, Thermometers, Kropki dots, XV, Renban lines, German whispers, Sandwiches and Region sum lines (definitions are listed at the end).

Crossdoku clues


  • 14) A treasure and a half are buried in this spot.
  • 23) Some islands you can eat.
  • 24) The missing letter in More code.
  • 34) Inside a bibliothek.
  • ??) A narrow line flying east.
  • DOWN

  • 20) A one-legged Rarity.
  • 24) Just a theorem term.
  • 36) Summing up, total does not change.
  • 42) Roses are red - Violets are blue - Banner is purple (Is this a haiku?).


Parity line: all digits along the line must have the SAME parity.

Arrow: digits along the arrow sum to the digit in the corresponding circle (to be determined).

Thermometer: digits must increase from the bulb (to be determined).

Kropki dots: digits joined by a dot must be consecutive or in a 2:1 ratio.

XV: digits joined by a X must sum 10, if they are joined by a V then they sum 5.

Renban line: digits on the line form a set of consecutive numbers (in any order).

German whispers: adjacent digits along the line must differ by at least 5.

Sandwich: it shows the sum of the digits between the 1 and 9 (not included) in the same row/column.

Region sum line: box borders divide the line into segments of equal sum.

Lösungscode: Row 1 and row 3 digits in grey squares (No spaces, 10 digits)

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am 27. April 2024, 16:19 Uhr von Boh
How does the sandwich clue work?

am 17. April 2024, 00:28 Uhr von josebastian8
Labels edited.

am 8. April 2024, 02:18 Uhr von Allagem
What an interesting idea! Loved trying to figure out which hint meant which constraint!

The only thing that tripped me up was I assumed the parity line meant digits must ALTERNATE parity. In this puzzle digits on the parity line are all the SAME parity.

Either way, loved the idea, nice execution :)

am 4. April 2024, 17:56 Uhr von josebastian8
I came with this idea of a fusion between crossword and sudoku but I myself don't like too much the final result (english is not my native language after all). Don't be afraid to rate it low if you think it deserves so, but please tell me some ways it could be improved. Thank you!

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