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Normal sudoku rules apply.

Digits in cages must sum to the total in the top left corner of the cage. (The cage total which is slightly hidden by the diagonal line is 24).

Digits may not repeat along the indicated diagonal.

Digits separated by an X must sum to 10, digits separated by a white dot must be consecutive. Not all X's or dots are given.

Digits in grey circles are odd.




Lösungscode: Row 5

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am 27. Februar 2024, 04:30 Uhr von Chessmen1
there's more than one answer. Nice puzzle though
IAlreadyHaveAKey: I'm quite sure there's a unique solution

am 27. Februar 2024, 01:53 Uhr von RussKozerski
That had a nice flow to the solve. Very enjoyable. Thank you.

am 24. Februar 2024, 05:39 Uhr von IAlreadyHaveAKey
rule adjustment

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