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Another Cloudy Day

(Eingestellt am 19. Februar 2024, 22:55 Uhr von Cloudly)

This is my first attempt at making a puzzle. I hope it doesn't have any problems. Let me know what you think about it. Thank you!

Place the digits 1-9 exactly once in every row, column, and 3x3 box.
The sum of the digits in a cage must match the small clue given in its top-left corner.
Adjacent digits along a green line must have a difference of at least 5.
A black dot separates two digits with a 2:1 ratio. A white dot separates two digits with a difference of 1.

Solve on: CTC

Lösungscode: Row 4 of the grid from left to right (9 digits).

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am 6. März 2024, 18:20 Uhr von wacfwaef
Very good puzzle with straight forward logical progress! 20:54 time

am 22. Februar 2024, 05:49 Uhr von Ganbatte
Fits and starts, almost three hours later, finally solved this puzzle. Whew! Thank you for exercising my brain.

am 21. Februar 2024, 21:19 Uhr von phs
Excellent composition. I'm impressed when I hear this is a first composition. The puzzle remains interesting (but doable) until the end. Thanks for sharing. And please post more problems like this one!!

am 20. Februar 2024, 22:57 Uhr von sujoyku
Thank you for this fun puzzle, Cloudly! I really enjoyed the solve and especially liked the interaction of the 8- and 9-cages on the lefthand side.

am 20. Februar 2024, 21:39 Uhr von NRB
Some of the latter deductions were beautiful. Loved it.

am 20. Februar 2024, 18:16 Uhr von Chad
very fun solve

am 20. Februar 2024, 14:01 Uhr von One Eyed Man
This is a great puzzle, very enjoyable smooth solve. Thanks!

am 20. Februar 2024, 13:23 Uhr von anyeyeball
This is fantastic. Very nice flow of logic, and not too easy. Thank you!

am 20. Februar 2024, 11:27 Uhr von ark29
This was more diffficult than I anticipated. Though, maybe I missed something obvious, I'm doing this during a coffee break. Really enjoyable!

am 20. Februar 2024, 09:12 Uhr von Ju Corb
Lovely puzzle
Thanks for setting this for us to enjoy
Looking forward to seeing more lovely puzzles in the future

am 20. Februar 2024, 00:15 Uhr von Puzzle Weasel
A solid first puzzle, good job! The break-in was clear, but not too obvious (for a 1-star difficulty), so you still get satisfaction from finding it. It also made it clear what to think about next. Thanks!

am 20. Februar 2024, 00:08 Uhr von Bulkystapler
Lovely puzzle, really nice flow to it. Well done on your first puzzle!

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