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Clues Are In The Junk Drawer

(Eingestellt am 11. März 2024, 05:00 Uhr von Will Power)

Normal Sudoku rules apply. KROPKI PAIRS- Numbers with a white dot between them are consecutive. Numbers with black dots between them are in a ratio of 2:1. Not all possible dots are given. DUTCH WHISPERS- Numbers on red lines are at least 4 apart from their neighbors on the line. KILLER CAGES- Numbers in cages sum to the number in the top left corner of the cage. LITTLE KILLER- Numbers outside the grid are the sum of the numbers on the indicated diagonal. BETWEEN LINE- Numbers on the gray line in box 7 are between the numbers in the two circles at the endpoints. ODD NUMBERS- Numbers on gray highlighted circles in box 1 are odd.


Solve on CTC

Lösungscode: Row 9 and column 6.

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am 13. April 2024, 23:33 Uhr von Zarlino
Super puzzle, thank you.

@Zarlino Thanks for playing and commenting. -Will Power

Zuletzt geändert am 13. März 2024, 03:26 Uhr

am 13. März 2024, 03:18 Uhr von PuzzleDoubt
I wasn't sure where to focus for the next clue, but each element continued to create new restrictions and narrow the solve-path. Wonderful Puzzle (WP) once again, Will Power (WP)!

@PuzzleDoubt You never know what you are going to find when you open that junk drawer. That's why I named the puzzle this way. I am glad you enjoyed it. Stickman Bowling is coming up tomorrow, and should be similar. 8-) -Will Power

Zuletzt geändert am 13. März 2024, 00:25 Uhr

am 12. März 2024, 21:19 Uhr von ostio456
One of my favourite puzzles to date. Found it quite challenging and had to start over at one point but i got there in the end. All restrictions interact with one another beautifully. Thank you!

@ostio456 Thanks for playing, and such a kind comment. -Will Power

am 12. März 2024, 13:31 Uhr von AshBrown
I messed it up a few times but once i got there it was brilliant

am 11. März 2024, 16:53 Uhr von jklimp
Really fun solve.

am 11. März 2024, 16:01 Uhr von jklimp
Really fun solve.

am 11. März 2024, 14:22 Uhr von PinkNickels
Thanks as always, WP!

am 11. März 2024, 13:26 Uhr von sujoyku
Thank you for this fun puzzle, Will Power! With the little killers and boxes 3, 4 and 5 in particular, the puzzle has a beautiful and interesting setup.

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