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Three Threes

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Normal sudoku rules apply

Construct a one cell wide snake through the grid which travels orthogonally between cells and visits each box exactly once. The ends of the snake are marked by grey squares. The snake may not touch itself, not even diagonally.

Digits in a white circle indicate the number of cells in the up to 9 cells surrounding the circle (and including it) which belong to the snake. Note that the circle may or may not be on the snake.

In each box of the grid, the snake acts as an orthogonally maximal renban line: that is, within a given box, digits on the snake must form a set of consecutive digits, and cells orthogonal to the snake (within that box) cannot be consecutive with any digit on the snake (within that box).

Digits separated by a white dot are consecutive, and digits separated by an X must sum to 10.



Lösungscode: Row 3 followed by Row 9

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am 13. Februar 2024, 00:55 Uhr von IAlreadyHaveAKey
changed difficulty

Zuletzt geändert am 13. Februar 2024, 00:55 Uhr

am 13. Februar 2024, 00:55 Uhr von IAlreadyHaveAKey
thanks @yttrio! Yeah I wasn't sure about the difficulty, I'll update it.

am 12. Februar 2024, 20:46 Uhr von yttrio
Very cool puzzle! Probably harder than 3 stars IMO, but it was really fun figuring out how the orthogonally maximum Renbans needed to work.

am 12. Februar 2024, 09:46 Uhr von IAlreadyHaveAKey
rule clarification

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