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Hearts Aflutter

(Eingestellt am 10. Februar 2024, 07:30 Uhr von misha)

Normal sudoku rules apply: place digits 1-9 in each cell such that no digit repeats in any row, column, or 3x3 box. Consecutive digits along the red line must differ by at least five. Cells with a pink heart contain an odd digit. Cells with a red heart contain an even digit. Digits in cells separated by white hearts are consecutive. Digits in cells separated by black hearts have a 2:1 ratio. Not all hearts are given. The sums of the cages encode a 4-word hidden message. Digits may not repeat in a cage. Cage sums are in order by the top-right cell of each cage. Each sum corresponds to one letter of the message.

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Lösungscode: The hidden message.

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am 19. Februar 2024, 20:21 Uhr von geronimo92
The correct puzzle is for sure the one in the sudokupad link because it gives a V for LOVE instead of a P.... but there are other mistakes because it's not possible to get the end of the message... Misha ???

am 18. Februar 2024, 03:58 Uhr von Catalynz
So, the picture of the puzzle, and the puzzle that comes up in Sudokupad when you click the link don't match? The red heart/odd cell in the center square is missing, and the 4-cell cage that's that's fully in box 3 in the picture is moved one column to the left in Sudokupad. Those are the only errors I spotted, but now I'm not sure which puzzle is the correct one, so I'm not sure it's solvable as is. But I love the idea of the puzzle, so I'd love to come back to it once it's fixed!

am 17. Februar 2024, 20:06 Uhr von geronimo92
@The Bard : i dont agree, the puzzle is valid, i solved it and it has a unique solution that's 100% sure.... the problem is... i dont understand how to find the message, the beginning is ok but not the end

am 17. Februar 2024, 19:50 Uhr von The Bard
Unless I am missing something as made, I don't think this puzzle is valid. I was having such trouble with it I rebuilt in F-Puzzles and went through all the possible solves with the computer solving it trying systematic digits in key spots and each possible digit came back invalid.
I did think you had a great idea for the break in which allowed 4 digits to be set, but after that I couldn't get it to work.
The Bard

am 17. Februar 2024, 18:16 Uhr von geronimo92
"Cage sums are in order by the top-right cell of each cage" Can you clarify please ? Solved the puzzle, cant have any idea of the message. Really boring

am 10. Februar 2024, 13:26 Uhr von kierownik

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