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Foggy coral snake

(Eingestellt am 6. Februar 2024, 21:08 Uhr von palpot)

This is my first time making a puzzle with a "snake" or "fog of war". I hope you enjoy it!

Solve online: CTC


Normal sudoku rules apply. Place the digits 1 to 9 in each Row, Column, and 3X3 box.

Draw a snake through the grid beginning at R1C1 and ending at R9C9. A snake is a one-cell-wide path of orthogonally connected cells that cannot branch or touch itself, not even diagonally. The snake cannot enter the same 3X3 box twice.
The snake acts as both a parity line and a region sum line, i.e. adjacent digits along the snake have a different odd/even parity, and digits along the snake sum to the same value in each 3x3 box the snake passes through.

Gray diamonds must appear on the snake. The digit inside a gray diamond counts the number of snake cells in the corresponding 3X3 box.

Digits in cages must not be repeated. Digits in cages sum to the small number in the top left corner of the cage (if given). In addition, cages are either fully on the snake or fully not on the snake.

Finally, The grid is covered in fog. Placing the correct digits reveals cells in the surrounding 3x3 area.

Lösungscode: column 9 digits from top to bottom.

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am 15. März 2024, 04:27 Uhr von Geb
I was staring at this for more than half an hour before getting a first digit. Tough puzzle,but worth the effort. Very well done.

am 14. Februar 2024, 19:56 Uhr von mrjide80
Really nice break-in using parity and sum lines. Took a while but when you know where to look it becomes obvious. And it unravels smoothly. Loved it.

am 13. Februar 2024, 15:54 Uhr von grrz
Great puzzle! Made me stare for a while at the beginning, then went smoothly

am 8. Februar 2024, 13:48 Uhr von PrinnyDidi
Brilliant puzzle with some beautiful logic moments. I would put it at a lot more difficult than a three star but still a lovely solve, albeit very long

am 7. Februar 2024, 02:45 Uhr von hardline35
Thanks, great puzzle! More Fog please :)

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