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Nuclear Fusion

(Eingestellt am 10. Februar 2024, 05:00 Uhr von Will Power)

Caution: Contents under EXTREME pressure. Normal Sudoku rules apply. GERMAN WHISPERS- Numbers on green lines are at least 5 apart from their neighbors on the line. ARROWS- Numbers on arrows sum to the number in the arrow's (unshaded) circle. Numbers may repeat on lines and arrows, if other rules allow. KILLER CAGE- Numbers in cages sum to the number in the top left corner of the cage. ODD/EVEN CELLS- Numbers on gray shaded squares are EVEN. Numbers on gray shaded circles are ODD. Numbers on all blue lines contain the same set of 3 numbers each.


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Lösungscode: Row 7 and column 3.

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am 15. Februar 2024, 02:39 Uhr von dlandrum17
I must have had bad pencil marks or something. Because I used the same logic path and that time was able to finish.

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am 12. Februar 2024, 15:55 Uhr von KingIsulgard
I got stuck in the middle, after finding quite a bit of numbers, about 65% done. But the 3rd number of the blue lines could be 2 possibilities. And was never able to disambiguate, so just had to guess. Seems like I missed something.

@Kinglsulgard Please read my comments to others. Hopefully this helps. Thank you. -Will Power

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am 12. Februar 2024, 02:51 Uhr von ave
Same here! :) Quite near the end. Maybe I misunderstand the blue line rule? Same 3 digits on every blue line, right?

@ave Please read the comment I just added to dlandrum. If you are beyond this, please let me know yourt last deduction. Thanks for playing. -Will Power

@ave If you are very close to the end, you should have 2 possible numbers for the final number on blue lines. Inputting the higher one should solve some numbers in row 1, but those force the circle in box 1 to be a number that does not work. Therefore, you should use the lower number on the blue lines. -Will Power

Thanks for the tip! Turns out I just missed some candidate pencilmarks in a few cells. On third try I finally could finish it. It was fun and educating! Thanks!!

Zuletzt geändert am 13. Februar 2024, 00:39 Uhr

am 11. Februar 2024, 19:54 Uhr von dlandrum17
@Will Power. I’ve started it three times and I the puzzle keeps breaking. All of my thoughts seem logical but this is the first time I haven’t been able to solve a two star puzzle of yours and I’m completely perplexed. Is there a way you can help check or see where I might have gone wrong?

@dlandrum Have you gotten to a point where you have filled in 2 out of the three numbers on all blue lines? If so, then look at the third number and delete all numbers that are not common to all four lines. This should allow you to make a breakthrough in column 2. Peace to you, and thanks for playing. -Will Power

am 10. Februar 2024, 17:54 Uhr von GeorgeTheToad2
Lovely puzzle, thank you Will Power.

Zuletzt geändert am 10. Februar 2024, 15:14 Uhr

am 10. Februar 2024, 15:14 Uhr von deepmind.319

am 10. Februar 2024, 10:26 Uhr von Ju Corb
Another excellent Will Power puzzle-thanks

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