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Cryptic Shaders

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This puzzle was created by Jakhob and wooferzfg.


There are four puzzles: Cave, Checkered Fillomino, Nurikabe, and Tapa. The solver must determine which puzzle corresponds to which grid.

The cipher contains 7 letters (A-G). 6 of them must replaced by unique positive integers, while the last is an 'irrwisch': it replaces a different positive integer in every occurrence. A '?' may represent any positive integer. For every puzzle except the Tapa, the value of a clue is the sum of the integer values in the cell.

Each set of cages with the same number in the top-left corner must have identical shading.

Cave: Shade some cells so that the shaded cells are all connected orthogonally by other shaded cells to the edge of the grid, and the remaining unshaded cells form one orthogonally connected area. Clues cannot be shaded, and indicate the total number of unshaded cells that can be seen in a straight line vertically or horizontally, including itself.

Checkered Fillomino: Divide the grid into regions of orthogonally connected cells. Two regions of the same size may not share an edge. Shade some cells such that each region is either fully shaded or fully unshaded, and no two shaded regions or two unshaded regions share an edge. Clued cells must belong to a region containing the indicated number of cells.

Nurikabe: Shade some cells so that all shaded cells form one orthogonally connected area and no 2x2 region is entirely shaded. Clues cannot be shaded, and every orthogonally connected area of unshaded cells contains exactly one clue, the value of which indicates the size of the area.

Tapa: Shade some cells so that all shaded cells form one orthogonally connected area and no 2x2 region is entirely shaded. Clues cannot be shaded, and indicate the lengths of the blocks of consecutive shaded cells in the (up to) eight cells surrounding the clue.


Here is an example to demonstrate the rules. (This is not intended to be solvable.)

Puzzle Link

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For each of the following rows, from left to right in each row, enter S for shaded cells and W for unshaded cells:

Row 8 of the Cave, Row 1 of the Checkered Fillomino, Row 5 of the Nurikabe, Row 9 of the Tapa

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Gestern, 14:24 Uhr von Agent
Wow, that was an insanely hard and beautiful puzzle, very impressive construction! So much variety of logic and an intricate solution path.

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am 28. Mai 2024, 21:24 Uhr von Playmaker6174
Oh my goodness. One of the coolest and also hardest shading puzzles I've ever sat through, and it took me about three small sections over the span of few days to make it there.
The opening was insanely well hidden (to the point where I almost gave up) and even after that, the puzzle stayed totally resistant till the very very end of the solve. Having said so, it was certainly worth the hours I poured into to experience the sheer amount of logic and incredible interactions between different grids in here x)
(ditto everything KNT said as well xD)

am 30. Januar 2024, 16:12 Uhr von Jesper
Very nice!

am 30. Januar 2024, 01:01 Uhr von ONeill
Awesome puzzle, stays difficult until the end, well done!

am 27. Januar 2024, 20:49 Uhr von KNT
One of the most impressive constructions I have seen. You really don't come across a puzzle with logical density to this degree almost ever. Super memorable puzzle!

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