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Normal Sudoku rules apply.

Normal Entropic (beige), German Whisper (green), Modular (teal) and Parity (red) line rules apply.

Between Lines: Digits along a grey line must be between the digits found in that line's Circles;
digits may repeat if allowed by other rules.


Ambiguous Counters: Each Circle has a different hidden colour to be deduced by the solver, matching one of the 4 coloured lines listed above. The digit in each Circle acts as a counter, equaling the number of times in which digits along its grey line - including both end Circles - exhibit the associated property:

a) Entropy (beige) -
the number of digits sharing its own size, either low {1, 2, 3}, medium {4, 5, 6} or high {7, 8, 9};
b) Polarity (green) - the number of adjacent pairs along the line that have a difference of 5 or more;
c) Modularity (teal) -
the number of digits sharing its own remainder when divided by 3, either remainder one {1, 4, 7}, two {2, 5, 8} or zero {3, 6, 9};
d) Parity (red) - the number of digits sharing its own parity {odd/even};


A bit of an experiment created for Scojo's Twitch stream. I wasn't sure how strongly I should lean into the ambiguity; I think it worked well enough that I'd like to return to the logic in the future and really push the limits of the constraint.

Have fun!

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Lösungscode: The digits along Row 5, left-to-right.

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am 24. Januar 2024, 18:55 Uhr von ThePedallingPianist
I love this idea, and completely agree with Marty's comment about the miraculous nature of the symmetry! Superb setting :D

am 21. Januar 2024, 17:28 Uhr von MarthaB
At a loss for words. Incredible puzzle. Wow!

am 21. Januar 2024, 02:49 Uhr von ViKingPrime
Update difficulty.

am 21. Januar 2024, 02:16 Uhr von marty_sears
This was amazing! Almost a miracle due to how symmetrical it is and how much it fills itself in.

However I think this is in no way a 3 star puzzle, definite 5 for me. There were 4 steps in this that would have taken me a very long time to spot on my own and so needed a few hints. But the rest of it was very satisfying at every step along the way.

Amazing ruleset idea and masterful construction, I dunno how you can visualise these things enough to come up with them, it is next level genius

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