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So here's a little new thing I created of which I thought it might be fun!

- Ring-Ring: Fill the grid by drawing rectangles that consist of horizontal and vertical lines between cell centers. The sides of different rectangles may intersect but cannot overlap. Rectangles can’t touch otherwise; in particular, they can’t touch by a corner.

- Worm : Travelling through the grid is a worm, moving orthogonally from cell to cell. It may touch itself, it's not a thick snake, it's a slim worm. Its head and tail are found at the circles. The worm can cross a rectangle only on cells with a straight segment and cannot take a turn on those segments (see the visual example for clarification).

- Outside clues : Red clues to the left and and the top indicate the number of cells that contain worm segments in the respective column/row. Black clues to the right and at the bottom indicate the number of cells that contain Ring-Ring segments in the respective column/row.

Note: All cells in the grid have to be covered by either Worm or Ring Ring segments, or both.


Visual example:

Lösungscode: Enter the contents of the cells in the 4th row from left to right and the 4th column from top to bottom, encoded as follows: C = Corner, H = Horizontal segment, V = Vertical segment, X = Crossing segments

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am 28. Januar 2024, 13:10 Uhr von zzw
Very cool puzzle! Simple rules with interesting interactions.

am 28. Januar 2024, 13:08 Uhr von Myxo
Wonderful puzzle, loved the ruleset and the execution!

am 20. Januar 2024, 06:37 Uhr von wisty
Wow! There's some fascinating stuff going on in this ruleset with regards to parity and connectivity. Super fun (and wonderfully weird) puzzle!

am 18. Januar 2024, 22:38 Uhr von Agent
Very cute, thanks!

am 16. Januar 2024, 00:07 Uhr von Jesper
That was fun, great idea!

am 15. Januar 2024, 21:17 Uhr von KNT
super cool

am 15. Januar 2024, 19:43 Uhr von Piatato
Great fun, thanks!

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