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Ophidian Lineage

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Normal sudoku and variant rules apply.

Whisper: Adjacent digits on a green line must differ by at least 5. Palindrome: The sequence of digits on a grey line must read the same in both directions. Renban: A purple line contains a set of non-repeating consecutive digits in any order. Region Sum: The sum of digits on a blue line is the same within every 3x3 box it enters.

Additionally there are four non-overlapping snakes in the grid. Each snake begins in box 1 and ends in box 9 forming a non-branching path of orthogonally connected cells which never completely fills a 2x2 region or enters a grey square. A digit in a grey square must equal the number of snake cells in the surrounding 8 cells. Each given line is a snake segment (lines of the same type may or may not be part of the same snake and snakes may include any number of lines including zero). Each snake has a different constraint: Whisper, Palindrome, Renban and Region Sum.

6x6 example SudokuPad
6x6 example f-puzzles
Rules are modified for the 6x6 example.
Only three snakes: Palindrome, Renban and Region Sum.

Solve the 9x9 on SudokuPad

Solve the 9x9 on f-puzzles


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am 27. Januar 2024, 04:54 Uhr von GertVonnegut
Incredible puzzle with loads of rewarding deductions and some beautiful ah ha moments. Thanks so much for setting!

am 14. Januar 2024, 17:48 Uhr von Fool on Hill
I found this an excellent puzzle with some nice twists and turns and interesting combinations of logic.

am 12. Januar 2024, 21:13 Uhr von yttrio
Fantastic puzzle! A lot of interesting logic was required even after the snakes were mostly formed.

am 12. Januar 2024, 09:42 Uhr von Samson
Beautiful idea executed very well. I'd rate this as a fairly difficult 4 stars. Although I may have just approached it inefficiently. Thank you!

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