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Pi Snake ≠ 4

(Eingestellt am 10. Januar 2024, 09:41 Uhr von Tulrak)

Third variation of a 25 cell pi snake.
You've seen it with V clues and Little Killers.
You've seen it hiding in fog.
This time it's on its own without other variant rules.

The Sudoku was featured in the following videos:
24gas5 (earlier version that required bifurcation)
Lucian's Place (earlier version that required bifurcation)


  • Normal Sudoku rules apply.
  • Color 25 orthogonally connected cells to create a 25 cells long, 1 cell wide snake that doesn't branch or touch itself orthogonally.
    The snake contains the first 25 digits of pi in the correct order going from its head to tail.
    The head of the snake is marked with a circle.
    The given 2 is a part of the snake.
  • Pi=3.141592653589793238462643...
    (the ellipsis is for mathematical accuracy, exactly 25 digits are given)


Lösungscode: Row 6 (9 digits, read left to right)

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am 11. Januar 2024, 00:29 Uhr von Rollo
Very nice puzzle.

am 10. Januar 2024, 16:39 Uhr von yttrio
I really like the simplicity of this one, great puzzle!

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