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Snake Pit

(Eingestellt am 26. Dezember 2023, 22:28 Uhr von Scruffamudda)

Normal sudoku rules apply.

There are five (5) snakes in the grid! Each snake begins in box 1 and ends in box 9 forming a one cell wide path of orthogonally connected cells which never completely fills a 2x2 region. Snakes must not share cells with other snakes but may touch each other freely.

A digit in a circle or square must show the number of snake cells in the surrounding 9 cells (including itself if it is on a snake). Circles contain odd digits. Squares contain even digits.

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Lösungscode: row 4

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am 29. Dezember 2023, 23:20 Uhr von Wonderment
Smooth puzzle. The many snakes don't have much wiggle room in the grid, so they are not that difficult to draw. After that, it is a straightforward, maybe ** Sudoku. No advanced techniques needed. Overall, a really approachable and enjoyable puzzle.

am 29. Dezember 2023, 22:25 Uhr von Schma
Beautiful snake puzzle and well deserved 100% rating!

am 27. Dezember 2023, 23:50 Uhr von heliosfant
beautiful puzzle. thank you for setting.

am 27. Dezember 2023, 01:26 Uhr von Starlight
This was so fun to solve. Love snake puzzles and this has 5

am 27. Dezember 2023, 00:11 Uhr von mathpesto
5 times the fun! :)

am 26. Dezember 2023, 23:59 Uhr von Puzzle Weasel
Those rules work really well together, and the solve felt smooth and satisfying. Thanks!

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