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Equality Cages 117: Equality Chaos

(Eingestellt am 25. Dezember 2023, 10:14 Uhr von gUBBLOR)

Yet another Equality Cage puzzle, this time in collaboration with isajo4002! The previous and next puzzle in the series:
Equality Cages 116: Fluister tijd (Whisper time)
Equality Cages 118: Sum equally consecutive lines

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Equality Cages
EquaLite Cages
Shifter Lines
Shifter Dots

Chaos Construction: Place the digits 1 to 9 once each in every row, column, and region. The regions are orthogonally connected and the shapes must be deduced by the solver. No constraint may cross region borders.

Equality cages: Cages must have an equal number of low (1,2,3,4) and high (6,7,8,9) digits AND an equal number of even (2,4,6,8) and odd (1,3,7,9) digits. Equality cages can never contain 5. Digits may not repeat in a cage.

Kropki dots: A black dot between cells indicates cell values with a 2:1 ratio. A white dot between cells indicates cells with consecutive values. Not all dots are shown.

XV: Adjacent cells connected with an X must sum to 10. Adjacent cells connected with a V must sum to 5. Not all X's or V's are shown.

Solve here:

Video featuring the puzzle:
Sudoku Sleuth

Lösungscode: The digits in the regions that contain the cells R1C1 and R9C9 in reading order (top left to bottom right) - no spaces.

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am 18. März 2024, 17:00 Uhr von gUBBLOR
Added video link to the puzzle being solved

am 9. März 2024, 18:41 Uhr von gUBBLOR
Added links

am 25. Februar 2024, 17:03 Uhr von wuc
Perfect for my skills thx.

am 25. Januar 2024, 09:27 Uhr von fitzie
I like the solution code using the colored region (which I solved after the grid was complete.)

am 3. Januar 2024, 08:50 Uhr von gUBBLOR
Added some links

am 28. Dezember 2023, 21:03 Uhr von swtyree
Tricky enough to be really enjoyable without being overwhelming. Thanks for the fun puzzle!

am 26. Dezember 2023, 09:07 Uhr von Lavender Gooms
Quite enjoyable. Thank you!

am 25. Dezember 2023, 16:27 Uhr von andreatetta
Nice one!

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