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A Bigger Squish

(Eingestellt am 18. Dezember 2023, 17:35 Uhr von marty_sears)

This is the third in my series exploring what can be done with the brilliant Squishdoku ruleset invented by Jay Dyer in November 2023.

Part 1: Neatly Squished

Part 2: Squishpers

Part 3: A Bigger Squish

Part 4: Straddle

Part 5: ???


  • Fill the grid with the digits 1-9 so that no digit repeats in a row, column, or 3x3 region.
  • Twelve 3x3 regions have been squished into this grid - a digit on a dashed line is simultaneously part of the regions on both sides of the dashed line.
  •  SAME DIFFERENCE  (turquoise) - each pair of adjacent digits on a turquoise line has the same difference. This difference value can be different for different turquoise lines.
  •  NABNER  (yellow) - no two digits on a yellow line may be consecutive (or the same.)
  •  ENTROPIC  (orange) - Any group of 3 adjacent digits on an orange line must contain a low digit (1, 2 or 3), a medium digit (4, 5 or 6), and a high digit (7, 8 or 9).
  •  ZIPPER  (lavender) - each pair of digits that are the same distance from the centre spot of a lavender line sum to the digit on that centre spot.

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Lösungscode: Column 9, reading downwards

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am 24. März 2024, 03:58 Uhr von blackjackfitz
Incredibly good opening to this puzzle

am 28. Dezember 2023, 06:00 Uhr von gdc
Very creative use of the squishdoku genre with some unexpected and exciting twists. Thanks for setting!

am 18. Dezember 2023, 22:59 Uhr von Ratfinkz
Another beautiful puzzle Marty!!!! You are teaching me so much about solving, thank you

am 18. Dezember 2023, 20:04 Uhr von samuel1997
This is wonderful! I am delightful when I find the trick in the puzzle! Thank you!

am 18. Dezember 2023, 18:29 Uhr von Prof.Dori
Very unique idea for a puzzle and very interesting interactions. Very well constructed!

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