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Spot the Difference

(Eingestellt am 13. Dezember 2023, 03:29 Uhr von marty_sears)

This is part 4 of my Differences series. I recommend playing them in order :)

Part 1: Same Difference

Part 2: Different Differences

Part 3: Same Zifference

Part 4: Spot the Difference

Part 5: Diffambiguate

Part 6: Pseudo Differences

Part 7: Ziffer Spots

Part 8: Ziffers of Entropy

Part 9: ???


  • Normal sudoku rules apply.
  • Connect each pair of matching coloured spots with a snake. Snakes may only move orthogonally through the grid, not diagonally. They may touch each other (and themselves), but cannot share cells.
  • Each pair of adjacent digits along a snake has the same difference, but this 'difference value' may be different for different snakes.
  • A grey square contains an even digit.
  • A black dot connects two digits with a 1:2 ratio (one is double the other.)

Click here to play on the CTC app

Click here to play the colourblind friendly version

Please leave a comment if you enjoy :)

Lösungscode: Row 9, from left to right

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am 3. Januar 2024, 17:29 Uhr von heliopolix
Sublime snakes! Devious differences! Fantastic fun!

am 16. Dezember 2023, 21:25 Uhr von Schwupel
I have to disagree with some of the previous solvers. I think it was a very nice 3* difficulty. Thank you.

am 16. Dezember 2023, 19:36 Uhr von Mittag
Phenomenal puzzle, took me a couple hours to solve so 5* difficulty but every step was logical and enjoyable!

am 16. Dezember 2023, 00:48 Uhr von yttrio
Simply brilliant!

am 15. Dezember 2023, 20:35 Uhr von BlitheSolver
Solved, but thought I'd ricketed no fewer than three times. Excellent solve, and relieved it's over.

am 15. Dezember 2023, 10:42 Uhr von Ratfinkz
Surprise! I actually did it! Beautiful construction as ever....some lovely logical deduction! Actually proud of myself for solving this one

am 15. Dezember 2023, 00:45 Uhr von zzw
Awesome puzzle!

am 15. Dezember 2023, 00:44 Uhr von Myxo
What a wonderful puzzle! Very elegant :)

am 14. Dezember 2023, 20:20 Uhr von samuel1997
No one except genius can construct these kind of puzzle! Absolutely fabulous!

am 14. Dezember 2023, 15:18 Uhr von Prof.Dori
I don't know how you come up with these puzzles but it is mindblowing. Abosultely incredible from start to finish.

am 14. Dezember 2023, 13:29 Uhr von Snookerfan
Very nice and smooth! Thank you

am 13. Dezember 2023, 20:23 Uhr von vitaminz
Fabulous puzzle. I actually didn’t think the break-in was that hard (though it was the most awesome part in the literal sense). Though there was a particular… twist… leaving me wondering how I had broken the puzzle for a good long while. Diabolical.

am 13. Dezember 2023, 17:26 Uhr von MonsieurTRISTE
This is hard! And fun!

am 13. Dezember 2023, 17:20 Uhr von SparkNights
75min for me. I think it should be 4* or more. The beginning of this puzzle is tricky haha~

am 13. Dezember 2023, 14:41 Uhr von RtheBen
great stuff, looks impossible at first sight

am 13. Dezember 2023, 03:36 Uhr von ViKingPrime
This puzzle series always delivers. More incredible setting, well done.

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