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Draw a closed loop through the center of some cells that passes through the numbers 1 to 9 in order. Each number is passed through exactly once and all other numbers are unvisited. The loop may not turn on numbers it passes through, and the loop crosses itself exactly at the given intersections.

Some cells are to be shaded such that all unshaded cells are connected, and all connected groups of shaded cells touch the perimeter of the grid. A digit not visited by the loop is unshaded and indicates the number of unshaded cells seen in all four directions from the cell containing the digit, including itself. All digits visited by the loop as well as intersections are shaded.

Along the loop, there may never be three shaded or three unshaded cells visited sequentially.


Lösungscode: For each row from top to bottom, the number of times the loop turns

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am 15. April 2024, 23:10 Uhr von ibag
Wow - wonderful!!!!

am 31. Januar 2024, 18:44 Uhr von The Book Wyrm
Brilliant puzzle!
Great ruleset, which makes for a lot of very fun and interesting interactions.
Not too hard either.

Zuletzt geändert am 2. Januar 2024, 00:11 Uhr

am 2. Januar 2024, 00:10 Uhr von StephenR
Incredible puzzle. Never before have I spent 75% of my solve time convinced I must have broken the puzzle when I hadn't. Loved the way the different rules interacted.

am 24. Dezember 2023, 05:24 Uhr von wooferzfg
Awesome, thanks!

am 22. Dezember 2023, 10:39 Uhr von chalk235
Great puzzle - thanks very much.

am 21. Dezember 2023, 15:15 Uhr von KNT
@chalk235: the loop may not travel diagonally between cells.

am 20. Dezember 2023, 09:34 Uhr von Statistica
Ganz großartig! Dankeschön.

am 19. Dezember 2023, 00:05 Uhr von ONeill
crazy and super fun, thanks!

am 14. Dezember 2023, 05:35 Uhr von r45
Oberklasse! Vielen Dank.

am 13. Dezember 2023, 20:19 Uhr von Jesper
Fantastic puzzle! A lot of fun to solve :)

am 13. Dezember 2023, 17:34 Uhr von jessica6
very challenging

am 13. Dezember 2023, 11:38 Uhr von Piatato

am 13. Dezember 2023, 05:44 Uhr von Agent
Very fun and trippy puzzle, thanks!

am 12. Dezember 2023, 22:37 Uhr von Myxo
certified loop moment

am 12. Dezember 2023, 18:37 Uhr von Christounet
Very nice approachable hybrid ! Enjoyed testing this :) Thanks.

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