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SET PIECE [Multiset Sudoku]

(Eingestellt am 21. November 2023, 17:55 Uhr von wisty)

• Determine a multiset of nine digits from 1-9, which may contain repeats, but remains consistent throughout the entire puzzle.
• Place a digit in each unshaded cell such that every row, column, and bolded region is a valid subset of this multiset.
• Digits on an arrow sum to the digit in the connected circle.
• Squares contain even digits, and white dots separate consecutive digits.
• For clarity, the multiset is a valid subset of itself, and shaded cells do not contain digits.

Solve links:

This puzzle is dedicated to MicroStudy! Thank you for your ever-present enthusiasm, and for your words of encouragement when I needed them :)

Lösungscode: columns 5 and 8, ignoring shaded cells

Zuletzt geändert am 28. Januar 2024, 22:47 Uhr

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am 28. Januar 2024, 22:47 Uhr von wisty
CTC messed with the SudokuPad link. Updated it to have the actual rules.

am 20. Januar 2024, 08:55 Uhr von The Book Wyrm
Brilliant puzzle!
Very fun and wacky concept, which is a bit odd to get your head around, but makes for a very interesting solve.
Enjoyable puzzle with some cool steps.
A couple of hard parts, but overall not overally difficult.

Also, very asthetically pleasing grid - that layout of arrows in the centre is awesome.

am 17. Januar 2024, 23:29 Uhr von samuel1997
What an intriguing puzzle! This can only be come up with genius!

am 26. Dezember 2023, 02:32 Uhr von Nebuzaradan
This puzzle starts with one of the most well-executed, satisfying break-ins I've seen, and then manages to keep some surprises in store for later. Fun and challenging throughout. Thanks for a wonderful puzzle!

am 6. Dezember 2023, 20:58 Uhr von dumediat
I don't know how you set this, but it is glorious. I am a better and crazier person having solved it, thanks! :D

am 21. November 2023, 23:54 Uhr von damasosos92
This THING is just awesome. I'm speechless.

am 21. November 2023, 21:26 Uhr von Myxo
This is such a beautiful and innovative puzzle! I absolutely loved it.

am 21. November 2023, 20:28 Uhr von DadJokes
Brilliant! Best puzzle/ruleset of 2023!

am 21. November 2023, 18:08 Uhr von riffclown
Elegant and Brain-melting. Forget what you THOUGHT you knew..

am 21. November 2023, 18:04 Uhr von MicroStudy
genuinely one of my favorite puzzles of all-time. it completely changes the way you approach sudoku, i would love to see more puzzles like this!

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