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Wonder World (落笔如有神)

(Eingestellt am 15. November 2023, 10:00 Uhr von dodomos)

Standard Sudoku rules apply.

Cells containing values exactly one greater than an immediate neighbor (diagonal or orthogonal) within their box are shaded. All the shaded cells are given.

There are nine letters which correspond with the digits 1-9, one each. In the puzzle will be crossword clue answers whose starting letter is given position, and the length of each word should be defined by the player.

Fill in the numbers in the left sudoku area and the letters in the right notes area, both of which are correct to trigger the answer check.

Play this puzzle on SudokuPad (English ver. or Chinese ver.)

Lösungscode: Row 1 , then 9 letters from 1 to 9.

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am 17. März 2024, 16:15 Uhr von dodomos
Change links from tinypuz to sudokupad short link.

am 15. November 2023, 16:10 Uhr von Solved647
FYI that the TinyPuz link for the English version is currently giving a 403 error message, but you can change the URL to TinyURL manually and it works.

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am 15. November 2023, 12:17 Uhr von Abdul the Killer
Nice shading rule :)

Not sure about "Tot of wine"(!?)

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