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Numbers in Cages in Regions in a 6x6

(Eingestellt am 29. September 2023, 14:58 Uhr von PeterJoe)

Numbers in Cages in Regions in a 6x6

I am a first-time setter, and I am pleased to share this puzzle. Here are the Rules:

Normal 6x6 Sudoku Rules Apply.

Digits in cages sum to the clue in the top-left corner, if given.

Build regions such that all regions from sizes 1 to N are present exactly once. Cage totals also indicate the size of the region in which that cage resides. Every cell is in a region.

Orthogonally adjacent regions must be of opposite parity.

Orthogonally adjacent cells in different regions must be of opposite parity.

Click here to play

Lösungscode: Enter Row 1 and Row 2 Digits, without spaces.

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am 23. Oktober 2023, 21:19 Uhr von PeterJoe
added hyperlink support

am 29. September 2023, 17:43 Uhr von StefanSch
Really nice and challenging puzzle!

am 29. September 2023, 17:05 Uhr von Malrog
If you replace 'Copy this link in your browser to play: tinyurl.com/PeterJoe6' with '<a href="https://tinyurl.com/PeterJoe6">Click here to play</a>' then that should do it. Make sure to remove the ' marks.

am 29. September 2023, 15:40 Uhr von pms_headache
Fun rule set. Thanks!

am 29. September 2023, 15:05 Uhr von PeterJoe
Tried and failed to get the hyperlink to work, sorry!

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