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A puzzle to celebrate the Jewish New Year of 5784, and the festival of Sukkot, where we construct a temporary shelter known as a Sukkah :)


    Normal Sudoku rules apply. Black dots separate digits in a 1:2 ratio. In addition:
      - The Sukkah's blue "Roof" is a Region Sum Line: the line must have the same sum in each 3x3 region it visits.
      - The purple "Pillars" are Renban Lines: each line must contain a set of non-repeating consecutive digits.
      - The yellow "Etrog" (which is a sort of lumpy citrus fruit) is an Entropic Line: each set of three adjacent digits along the line must contain a low [123], middle [456] and high [789] digit.
      - The pale green "Lulav" (which is an item made from three specific species of plant, bound together) is simultaneously: i) a German Whisper Line (digits must differ by at least 5), ii) a Parity Line (digits alternate odd and even) and iii) a Modular Line (each set of three adjacent digits along the line must be one each from the sets [147], [258], and [369].)

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am 7. Dezember 2023, 12:38 Uhr von glum_hippo
Lovely theme!

~~~ Thank you! ~Mojo872

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am 22. September 2023, 11:51 Uhr von Elliott810
Beautiful puzzle! Thanks:)

~~~ Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! ~Mojo872

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am 21. September 2023, 18:42 Uhr von TomZak
Chag sameach!חג סוכות שמח לכולם

~~~ Thank you, Chag sameach! ~Mojo872

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