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(Eingestellt am 19. September 2023, 11:38 Uhr von Dr Logic)

One of my many (useless) skills is I am quite proficient in using a diabolo. For those who dont know, a diabolo is essentially a larger yo-yo, with sticks and strings. This puzzle is meant to depict a green diabolo on string between 2 sticks.
Hope you enjoy!

Rules: Normal sudoku rules apply.
Digits along a green 'German Whispers' line (2 different lines from R4C4 to R4C6 and R6C4 to R6C6 respectively) must differ by at least 5.
Digits in a killer cage must sum to the total given.
Digits along a gold 'Nabner' line (2 lines R4C1 to R8C1 and R4C9 to R8C9 respectively) must have no 2 digits be consecutive.
Digits along a purple 'Renban' line must form a set of consecutive digits, in any order.
Digits along a circled 'Between' Line must be between the 2 digits in the circles at the ends.
Digits along a thermo must increase starting from the bulb end.
Digits seperated by a black dot must be in a 1:2 ratio. (No negative constraint)
Digits seperated by a white dot must be consecutive (No negative constraint)

To Play: CTC

My Diabolo:

(Slightly worn from years of use)

Lösungscode: Row 5 then column 5 (18 digits)

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Heute, 10:20 Uhr von Snaques
I also spent ages trying to figure out how the nabner would work if it only restricted the neighboring cells. Haven't done too many, but at least on I did worked even when I misunderstood the rule.

Once I did another puzzle recently where the nabner rule was described in a bit more detail I realized I could try that here and lo and behold, things got way easier.

In the end very nice and not too difficult puzzle.

am 22. September 2023, 12:42 Uhr von sacklunch
Wow, what a great puzzle! Such a smooth solve path, everything flowed beautifully. Loved it, thanks for setting and sharing.

am 20. September 2023, 18:53 Uhr von lalitk0300
Its a fun one, thanks.

am 20. September 2023, 18:53 Uhr von lalitk0300
Its a fun one, thanks.

am 20. September 2023, 00:33 Uhr von Chad
Surprisingly fun for a 2*. Very nice puzzle

am 19. September 2023, 21:12 Uhr von Chelo
This was my first puzzle with nabner lines constraint, very nice and interesting!.. I was just looking for an approachable puzzle to get confidence with it. It was a great fun solving it at the first shot, thank you @Dr. Logic for setting and sharing it. Regarding your diabolo, the useless interests and passions are the greatest!.. I know what you mean, sometimes I engage myself constructing very very useless stuff…

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am 19. September 2023, 20:13 Uhr von julien505
How can this be a 2-star puzzle, I am stuck on it since 85 minutes and around 60 with no progress >< I don't see anything.

EDIT : I've just seen in another puzzle that a nabner line needs to have no consecutive digits on the whole line, regardless of order, and not just prevent 2 neighboring digits from being consecutive. 3 minutes later, the puzzle was done.

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am 19. September 2023, 17:51 Uhr von NotThatKindOfDoctor
I remember having one of those, the tricks were great fun!

I don't always bother with >9-digit solution codes, but I simply needed to convey how much I enjoyed this. Great setting, thanks for sharing!

I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle :)
Dr Logic

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am 19. September 2023, 16:45 Uhr von ltwalker
I had a great time solving this puzzle! Had to restart a couple times because I was missing some key steps haha. Very cool that you made a puzzle by using something that you love!!

Glad you enjoyed it!
Dr Logic

am 19. September 2023, 15:48 Uhr von Dr Logic
Changed rules to say lines position

Zuletzt geändert am 19. September 2023, 21:24 Uhr

am 19. September 2023, 15:30 Uhr von PinkNickels
Being colorblind, I was doing nabner logic on the whisper lines and vice versa. tried that twice and realized it was impossible, so went the other way and got it in <10 minutes. ha.



Oh no! that must have been difficult. Hope you enjoyed the puzzle nonetheless.,
Dr Logic


Yes, I was able to prove the ones I thought were nabner could not be so within a couple minutes, so not a big deal. Did enjoy it, indeed.

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