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A Phistful of Circles

(Eingestellt am 18. September 2023, 20:48 Uhr von marty_sears)

This puzzle was inspired by a conversation with Fool On Hill, who enjoyed the circle counting rule in my recent puzzle Circular Reasoning, and suggested trying to create something which combines the circles with SET. A few days later, here's what I came up with...


  • Normal sudoku rules apply.
  • A circled digit indicates exactly how many circles contain that digit.
  • Digits along a purple line do not repeat and form a consecutive sequence, but can be arranged in any order.
  • Adjacent digits along a green line must have a difference of at least 5.
  • Digits along a red line must alternate between odd and even.

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Please leave a comment if you enjoy :)

Lösungscode: Column 5, reading downwards

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am 11. November 2023, 01:06 Uhr von sunevora
Beautiful puzzle. Loved the initial selection game, after which it got easier... then hard again!
(I did use a uniqueness constraint near the end, but I am not sure if it was meant like that.)

am 7. November 2023, 23:32 Uhr von jellef
What a satisfying opening! It gets harder after that, with little puzzles each giving the next clue. Love it!

am 23. September 2023, 10:13 Uhr von Fool on Hill
More interesting circle logic - very much enjoyed solving it.

am 21. September 2023, 19:53 Uhr von wenchang
I think it is hard 4/5. Great Setting! Spoiler alert! https://youtu.be/v1wt6cX4wao

am 20. September 2023, 19:59 Uhr von RoboSparkle
Loved this puzzle; everything followed so logically from the original break in and really loving what can be done with the new circles constraint in conjunction with some of the more familiar lines. Great puzzle, Marty!

am 20. September 2023, 16:23 Uhr von 28righthand
Wow, always find it amazing when go through the stages of thinking you know how to approach it, realising its not that simple... then actually getting the first digit!

am 20. September 2023, 12:51 Uhr von Snookerfan
Excellent puzzle with lovely circle logic! Thank you

am 20. September 2023, 01:33 Uhr von A very large bear
Positively brilliant puzzle. The break-in itself is wonderful, and the logic required afterwards stays both interesting and engaging. Left me unsure I could complete the solve right down to placing the last few digits!

am 19. September 2023, 17:27 Uhr von katy.lanka
Circles are my new favourite variant. Thoroughly enjoyable puzzle. Thank you!

am 19. September 2023, 16:32 Uhr von Starlight
Loved this puzzle. The way set was used with the new circle constraint was beautiful.

am 19. September 2023, 13:48 Uhr von drbs
I like how the set of candidates for circled digits can be reduced.

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am 19. September 2023, 00:43 Uhr von ThePedallingPianist
I was expecting some really cool set-related trick to break in, and then for the puzzle to fall apart quite easily... only the former came true - the deductions in the second half are difficult but delightful!

am 18. September 2023, 22:12 Uhr von lmdemasi
What a great puzzle; lots of new and interesting logic in the first half.

am 18. September 2023, 21:49 Uhr von sujoyku
Thank you for this nice puzzle, marty_sears! The circle rule set really gives rise to a lot of fun deductions. Thank you for setting and sharing!

am 18. September 2023, 21:15 Uhr von Fool on Hill
More interesting circle logic - very much enjoyed solving it.

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