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Learn the Alphabet: X is for X-Sums

(Eingestellt am 18. September 2023, 18:00 Uhr von Crusader175)

My idea for this series is to make 26 puzzles with different constraint that start with each alphabet (A-Z).


Normal sudoku rules apply. A clue outside the grid gives the sum of the first X digits of that row or column from the direction of the clue, where X is the digit placed in the cell next to the clue.

Puzzle Link:


SudokuPad (with solution check)

Previous Puzzle:

Learn the Alphabet Series

My youtube channel on solving sudoku: Crusader Puzzle

Lösungscode: Row 5 Column 5

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am 18. September 2023, 20:26 Uhr von rictech
Very nice “classic” X-Sums, with some cool break in logic. A good refreshing take. Thanks!

Reply: Thank you very much rictech!

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